Believe I Am Goal Update #1

It has been a month since I set my goal of “getting back into a consistent running regime (3x/week)” by January 5th 2013, so here are some excerpts from my journal about my progress so far!

Right around the time I received this journal, I was diagnosed with Pes Anserine Bursistis (see previous post for details). So this month, I decided to use my journal to track my recovery!

Update on this month’s goal: Heal PAB.

  • Treatment: Basically I’ve been going to my sports chiro (Santa Cruz Spine and Sport) every week to have dynamic stretching, graston scraping and body adjustments to help the healing process.  I have noticed that my PAB area is less tender to touch (short hand TTT) and that I haven’t had a day since late Sept/early Oct where it has ached constantly.
  • Exercise: last yoga session did not cause any pain, still modified any kneeling poses just in case, nor was I achy the day after.  Also biked to a presentation (~3.5mi total) the day I had my most recent chiro visit and I did not have any persistent pain or achiness during or after! AND it was a bit hilly! Contrast to last time I biked a few weeks ago (only 2 miles) I felt the achiness set in toward the end.
  • Progress toward ultimate goal: Run 3x/week. Still not up to ‘running’ yet, but my plan is to incorporate low impact activities (now that I’m doing much better) 2x/week and my PT strengthening exercises again to get back on track! Just have to take it slow.

I have some journal snapshots below showing my daily activities to the left (mostly stretching, resting etc… with some chiro visits and yoga thrown in) and a couple journal entries to the right (starred ones on left; pretty much gave a recap above).

P.S. Be sure to look to the right because you will see the new Sisters In Sport badge! And check out the progress of the other sisters in sport by clicking here (scroll down for list of bloggers).


What is Believe I Am? Believe I Am is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that utilize sports psychology techniques used by pro athletes to help aspirational women succeed in life and in sport by developing positive beliefs about themselves. Be sure to check out their website to get your own cute & inspirational merchandise and YOUR very own journal! 

Have a goal you’d like to share? Or an update on your progress so far?


7 thoughts on “Believe I Am Goal Update #1

  1. Love this! So happy that the journal can be used even though your focus has shifted. Hope to be hearing about runs soon! It seems like since I started following this “runner” blog, you’ve just been battling injuries 😦
    Soon enough, chickie!! At least you know all too well now about how to rest and recover properly! 🙂

  2. Slowly but surely you will run soon! I discovered this morning I went too fast, plan was to go SLOW around 11-12 minute miles, average was that but I really pushed it below 10 for a bit and now my foot is swollen a bit. No pain though, recovery is so hard because we want to be back where we were ;(

  3. Arg, I’ve never had PAB, but being a runner who has suffered from quite a few injuries, I feel your pain! I’m glad the sports chiro treatment seems to be working for you!
    Well, you know my goal is glute/hip/hamstring strength! I’m working on it to hopefully prevent injuries that like to creep up on me when I increase my mileage! We shall see how I do!
    Nice to be sisters in sport with you!! 🙂

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