Quorra Halloween


Greetings Programs! I am SO excited to share my custom halloween costume with you this year!  Ever since Tron Legacy came out 2 years ago, I have WANTED to make my own Quorra costume SO BADLY!  And as luck would have it, I scored BIG TIME at Goodwill this year! In my DIY photo collages on my permanent Quorra page, you will see the step by step process of Goodwill & miscellaneous finds to a finished Quorra costume. Yes, I spent ALOT of time repurposing old clothes even though I could have purchased a Quorra costume online… but I wanted to make mine out of real leather, have a removable identity disc and most importantly have it FIT properly. 😀

What did this ‘cost’? Monitarily-speaking: I spent $50 for the entire costume (wig & supplies; my mom donated 5 sets of lights which saved me some $$). Time-wise:  around a millicycle (including searching goodwill and putting it all together). Again, I could have just purchased everything  pre-made for a total of ~$80 (pre-made ~$40, wig ~$15, identity disc ~20, $7.25 for boots at Goodwill), but truthfully I LOVE the process of costume creation: researching the costume design, planning/sketching my own ideas, searching goodwill for great pieces, and finally putting it all together (minimal sewing, mostly gluing)!  And when I attended my lab’s Halloween party, I had the satisfaction of wearing a completely unique costume (no two Quorra costumes are the same!) 🙂

If you want to listen to some Daft Punk music from Tron (makeup slideshow), skip to the end of my tutorial at the 5 minute mark!

Check out the full Quorra tutorial and my other home made Halloween costumes from previous years at my Creative Corner Halloween page! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!!!

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5 thoughts on “Quorra Halloween

  1. You did an awesome job at matching your concept picture!! Unfortunately, I have no idea at all who this character is so couldn’t have guessed it if I tried.. 😛
    But super cute anyway! 😉

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