Cascadian Farm Swag

Remember how I got an awesome canvas bag at the Long Beach EXPO from Cascadian Farm by posing for a picture holding a granola bar? Well, guess what? I am now a Cascadian Farm blog friend, so I will be part of any giveaway/promotional opportunities they offer in the future! In the meantime, they sent me some awesome goodies and swag 🙂

Previous to the goodie box, I had never tried any of their cereals, so I couldn’t wait to test them all out! Did I mention that all of their products are Organic, have NO GMOs,  no artificial flavors or preservatives, and  Clean Eating Magazine even lists their granola bars on some shopping guides? (see ‘Extra’s section) AND did you know this company is part of Small Planet Foods, which makes products like Larabars? Pretty cool huh?

Here are photo close-ups of what I received below (bag not pictured, since it is similar to the one I got at the EXPO, maybe I will do a giveaway once I accrue more swag from various places! Like Sweat Pink Laces, Cascadian Farm reusable canvas bag, and more eventually…)

First of all the stickers were super adorable and the re-useable waterbottle (BPA free) was perfect for taking to the gym/yoga! Great timing too since I only had useable canteen because my second one broke (it was full metal and the top cracked somehow so it leaked). I like having 2 since I can have one for my backpack/school and another just for fitness activities. Why? Because I always seem to leave one in my gym bag or at school when I need it leaving me with nothing if I only had 1.

Alright, time for the taste test! No, my dog didn’t taste anything, but she sure thought the box smelled good! Consensus is… everything tastes great! There is a  tie for my favorites: the Cinnamon Crunch (healthy version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and Oats & Honey Granola. Could eat multiple bowls of both! I did like Ancient Grains and Cinnamon Raisin Granola as well, so all of them though are winners in my book!

As for the granola bars, I ate samples at the EXPO and loved them both and was happy that these were the full sized versions, which were great pre or post yoga/workout snacks! Yummy! I definitely prefer the chocolate chip over the vanilla chip being a chocolate fan and all, but in the future I will actually buy both for delicious variety!

Plus, there are many more bars, granolas and cereals in the product line to try! I’m sure there is something for everyone depending on your taste preferences!

What is your favorite Cascadian Farm product or what would you like to try?


12 thoughts on “Cascadian Farm Swag

  1. I love Cascadian Farms stuff! They used to make this cereal with dark chocolate chunks in it. IT WAS AMAZING! Too bad they don’t make it anymore! I still like their cereals and all their granola bars. 🙂

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