Believe I Am Goal Update #2

It has been 2 months since I set my goal of “getting back into a consistent running regime (3x/week)” by January 5th 2013, so here are some excerpts from my journal about my progress since my last update!

Strength Courage Wisdom

Goal for November: Build Fitness Foundation to Run

In order to build my fitness foundation, I started incorporating low impact activities and strength training back into my life.  Most Days: I averaged 20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of stretching. Every week: 1hr yoga, 1 gym session (strength train), and 1 day bike and/or swim. I wasn’t as good about stretching when I went to parents for Turkey week, but I DID go to THREE yoga classes that week! Two of those were classes I took down there.  Good news is that I liked both teachers! HOW RARE! Considering I went to my normal place on that Monday and had a substitute instead of my normal teacher of whom I was not a fan.


 Updates on this Month’s goal:

  • Working out 3 days a week (see above) plus regular walking and stretching.
  • Managing PAB issue (still not completely recovered), but at least its not getting worse! I’ve noticed its more sore after I visit my chiropractor (every 2 weeks) because he does ART stretching and graston scraping.  At least on Wed, it didn’t hurt as much when he was scraping my adductors (inner thighs). Normally its excruciatingly painful, but I suppose all that stretching and foam rolling is FINALLY STARTING TO PAY OFF, you know after a couple months…
  • Hoping to start a run walk program OFFICIALLY sometime next month! Yes that is my December goal! Not sure if I will actually accomplish my Jan 5th goal of running 3x/week, but I might be run walking at that point, which would be a success to me!

Final Thoughts: I do have to give myself credit for coming this far, I wasn’t sure if I could build up to working out 3x/week and whether my PAB would ever become less of a topic on my mind.  Which thankfully I have built up my exercise days and I do sometimes forget I have PAB! But then the random on/off twinges remind me… Hopefully thats a good sign for healing! I ordered a SUPER CUTE Strength Courage & Wisdom shirt from Believe I Am! They were asking us sisters in sport what Visual Cue from the journal we would like to see on a shirt, and since my November goal sheet had Strength, Courage & Widsom (see above) written in what I thought looked like snowflakes (aka perfect for coming winter), I tweeted back that one! Not sure if they already had the shirt in the works or not (most likely my tweet had nothing to do with the actual promotional shirt they were planning to sell sell), but a few days later, they were selling these AWESOME shirts!!! Yes I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered one! I’m supposed to get it sometime in the next couple weeks! Can’t wait to share picts with you when I do get it! Oh yea and they are Ninja Stars not snowflakes 🙂

Other updates: Went to Surf City coffee shop to redeem stamp card (buy 12 get one free, been waiting for months since I dont go regularly) and the guy gave me some ‘love’ with my free latte! How cute! I couldn’t resist posing my latte on the festive table by the entryway 🙂  Then down below, on Friday post Turkey day, I went to a yoga class, then met with a friend at starbucks, and we had a great time walking on the Hermosa Pier (and strand) for an hour! It was a lovely day and we saw some people fishing at the end of the pier!


What is Believe I Am? Believe I Am is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that utilize sports psychology techniques used by pro athletes to help aspirational women succeed in life and in sport by developing positive beliefs about themselves. Be sure to check out their website (click any link or image on my blog) to get your own cute & inspirational merchandise and YOUR very own journal!

Have a goal you’d like to share? Or an update on your progress so far?


9 thoughts on “Believe I Am Goal Update #2

  1. Sooo happy that real running is on the horizon for you!! And awesome that you were able to get workouts in while on vacation; that’s tough, I’m sure! I give you tons of credit for being able to stretch everyday! It’s such an important thing to do yet so hard to put into practice sometimes!!

  2. Oh I love that Believe I Am shirt! I’ve been meaning to order the print with their poem on it, thanks for reminding me! Good luck with getting started running again!

  3. Great goals! Looks like you’re right on track. And I agree, liking the fitness instructors makes such a difference in my motivation to go back. 🙂

  4. I’ve never experienced Graston, but I hear it hurts so good. Love ninja stars, on the tee and as a visual cue. They do look like snowflakes though… Sometimes you have to look really close to see the message 🙂

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