Ultimate Fitness Wish List (and coupon codes!)

Recently I asked some blog friends about items they had on their ‘fitness wish lists’ in order to compile this ‘Ultimate Fitness Wish List’! PLUS I spent time finding DISCOUNT codes/minimum order value for free shipping for MANY of the items listed below (in bold) if you need to do any last minute shopping! Please help this list grow, so if you have anything to suggest/add, leave a comment below 🙂

1. Number ONE on MY wish list is for NO INJURIES in 2013! I’m sure everyone else wants that too 🙂 

Holiday Gear

Gear: Head to Toe

2.  Sweaty Bands head bands! ($10-18 each) Just ordered 5 for holiday gifts! Buy at REI or online and use STUFFER at checkout to get 15% off and FREE shipping on orders over $50 through Dec 31st! Review coming soon!

3.  Champion pony-tail hat (sale $7), ear warmers ($12.99) for cold weather (Target). P.S. LOVE mine!

4. Handanas: ($15 each) Wipe sweat off with this ‘handy’ item! FREE shipping on orders $45+! (WANT)

5. Fit Four gloves: ($25.95) All you lifters out there, check out these super cute minimalist gloves! For a chance to win a pair, check out Jen’s blog at winetoweights or use her special coupon code WINE20 to get 20% off!

6. LED Arm Lights (from goforarun.com): ($19.99) Running/exercising before dawn or after dusk, check out these cool arm band lights!

7. iFitness Fuel Belt: (~$25) Want a NO BOUNCE and THIN pack to hold some GUs a small hydration bottle, phone, keys and spare cash? CHECK THIS BRAND OUT! My mom bought one for my grandma, herself and I during the Long Beach EXPO and we LOVE THEM! Use EXPO2012 for FREE SHIPPING or OPRAH for %15 off your order (not sure when they expire).

8. Go Sport ID: ($16.95-18.95) Safety First! Put your contact info on this bracelet in case of emergency, or customize with a quote for inspiration! Use GS104 for %15 off your order! (WANT)

9. Features Elite Ultra Light socks: ($13.99) Ultra thin sock with tab just below ankle to prevent chafing with arch support and sweat-wicking technology!

10. Lock Laces: ($7.99/pair or 19.99 for 3 pairs) Tired of tying your shoelaces? Check out these elastic Lock Laces! (WANT)

11. Gift card to person’s favorite shoe or sporting good’s store (when in doubt). We ALWAYS need new shoes, socks and sweat-wicking gear! (WANT)


Recovery Gear/Items:

12. PRO Compression Socks: ($50) Save 40% on Marathon socks with SAVE40 until Dec18 2012 or save 40% on holiday socks with SOM12 WITH free shipping until Dec 31st 2012 (stock limited)! I have 2 pairs and they are a MUST!!! I could go for a pair of candy striped ones though 🙂

13. PRO Compression Tights: ($$) COMING SOON! In the meantime you can buy gift cards… (WANT!)

14. Rock Tape: ($18) GREAT to have in your ‘recovery’ tool kit! Whether you are recovering from an injury like me or find yourself injured in the future, DEFINITELY have a roll available to use! Review coming soon! Use coupon code daledoc to get 50% off on your order!

15. Foam Roller: ($20+ depends on brand) I use mine EVERY DAY to work out those pesky knots and kinks in my muscles! I bought mine at Sports Authority, check out this coupon deal (click link to go to site to print coupon) for 25% off one item, expires TODAY Dec 16th!

16. The Stick: (original $42.95, prices vary) Another tool to help with working out those knots and kinks without having to spend time on the floor… Active military get FREE shipping! (WANT)

17. Stretch-Out Strap: ($12.99) Another product I use DAILY! LOVE the handle straps, SO much more convenient to use than a regular yoga strap. Great for hamstring stretching!! Check out post of me using strap here.

18. BioFreeze: Cold gel muscle pain reliever! My chiropractor has used the gel and the spray on me and both are AWESOME!!! Just dont put it on after you shave…

Holiday Fuel


19. Hydros Bottle: ($27.99 for 16oz) A self filtering water bottle where you DONT drink through the filter! Made in the USA, proceeds go to their current clean water project, BPA free, dishwasher safe, filter chlorine and particulates FAST! Order two bottles get %10 off! Review coming soon!

20. Nuun: ($24 for 4 pack; 12 tablets/pack)  Need instand electrolytes? Dissolve a tablet in your water and presto! No fillers, only fuel you need!  Get 20% off purchase using code HOLIDAYHYDRATION expires TODAY Dec 16th!

21. EnergyBits:  Feeling tired? Need a pick-me-up that’s not caffeine? GET SOME BITS! Check out my sample review here and then get 20% off your order using code BITS! I just ordered a pack to be #poweredbybits for the new year!

22. GU (~$10-$35 depending on product & amount; energy gel, chomps, tablets, rocktane etc…) Need some fuel to get you through the race? Check out GU! They are having a 20% off sale, just put items in your cart and the discount will AUTOMATICALLY be applied at checkout!


Books/Magazine Subscriptions

christmassales2[1]23. Born to Run: (~$11) An inspirational story about one man’s journey of running. (WANT)

24. Runners World, Yoga Journal etc… Give your loved ones their favorite fitness magazine subscription for a year (or more!) Check out this site for DEALS on Subscriptions!

25. Believe I Am journal: ($24.99) I am a Believe I Am Sister in Sport and happy to share a Holiday Extravaganza with you going on from now until Dec 20th! Yes even a FREE journal with purchase of a certain item each day!


26. Race Registration: ($-$$$ varies per event) Find out what race your loved one wants to participate in next year and give the gift of PAID registration fees!

27. Medal Rack: ($$ varies by type and brand) Need a place to hang all those medals? Get a medal rack! Check out places like Gone For a Run and Running on the Wall (WANT)

28. Sunscreen: (~$10) NO JOKE! I go through sunscreen like nobody’s business, it is a MUST for people who exercise outdoors! Check out my fave sunscreen buddies here.

29. Team Sparkle Skirt($25) Need a cute running costume skirt? Check out these skirts! Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest Costume running board! (WANT)

30. Gift Card for massage (best idea ever!): Self explanatory. (WANT)

Happy Holidays everyone!


19 thoughts on “Ultimate Fitness Wish List (and coupon codes!)

    • Ok thanks (TYPO)! Mostly I just want to get running again! In a few days I’m going to do a jumping test to see if I pass (like what I did in PT to get ‘cleared’ for running). If all goes well, then I’ll start walk/run program by christmas!

    • Thanks! And glad your first issue came! I got mine about a week ago, but haven’t had time to devour it yet (been too busy with end of semester student stuff), but can’t wait to read it starting Tuesday!

      • I have not started reading yet either. I have to get better about balancing blogging so I can read more. Before I became a blogger I read every night before bed. Now I just read on weekends. This weekend it will get devoured for sure.

  1. Ummmmmm, I would like one of each, please! No need to gift wrap, I’m not particular. 🙂 Loved reading this list, Nicole, and thanks for supplying the coupon codes. I had no idea that Pro Compression is making tights; looks like I need to start saving. I love Pro Compression and I’ve been wanting full leg compression gear for after my long runs during marathon training. Merry Christmas, Nicole!

    • Thanks! Hopefully people have used the codes, handy to send the list to someone if a reader wants a particular item and the purchaser can save a little $$! And as for Pro Compression tights, that is exactly why I want them too 🙂

  2. Your products are really looking beautiful this will be helpful when we will spend our holidays. As we know fitness is the most important thing for us. We can do exercise during holidays by using your products. Thanks for sharing here.

    • Well I have about half of the items listed already (I should have said gift guide since it would work for many other ppl too), but as for WANT items, I did get an amazon gift card and bought myself THE STICK! And my mom gave me enough money to buy myself Pro Compression tights when they come out! 🙂 Thanks for asking! What about you?

      • Super jealous you got The Stick! I think I’ve killed my current foam roller so I totally should have put that on my list. I think my favorite present is registration for my third marathon – EEP! So happy that you’re going to be getting the tights, I know they’re going to be super fabulous!!

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