Friends & Errands

Happy Sunday everyone! Haven’t blogged in a while, but I have LOTS to blog about in the coming weeks (yay)! Today, however was VERY exciting and VERY special since I met, in person, Abby from Back at Square Zero! She was in town visiting her Oma for a few days, so we decided to meet at Peet’s Coffee!

 Ready to go!While I slept in till 8:30, took a shower, ate a quick breakfast and prepped Chloe to get into the car, Abby used her legs to RUN 9 miles to Peets! FOR REAL! Apparently her Oma thought she was crazy and didn’t understand why she didn’t just take the car (I even offered to pick/up drop off if needed).  She really wanted to ‘take it all in’ before she leaves tomorrow, so I say GO ABBY! If I were farther along in my recovery process, I would have totally joined her! Not only did she do all that BEFORE we met, after we got our lattes (she got gingerbread, I just got a regular), the three of us walked along a nice paved beach path in Monterey for an hour 🙂  And being the girls we are, we were serious chatter bugs and TALKED THE WHOLE TIME! From holiday stuff to family, life and injuries… the hour we spent together went by super fast! It was wonderful meeting and spending time with Abby, I’m so glad we had this opportunity!


On the way back home after the meet and greet, I stopped by Michaels and Target to spend some holiday gift card money! Yay for free things! At Michaels I got a loom set, so I could start making lots of cool new things, like hats, ear warmers and shawls, without needles or crochet hooks! I also got a crochet hook organizer (hot pink), since I find mine shoved in balls of yarn or unable to find the size I need since it is lost somewhere in the yarn bag…Simplifies life! I have SO MUCH yarn to choose from, I might end up making multiple hats and ear warmers (like ones I have below), yikes! I have a tendency to go a bit overboard with new things since they are so exciting!


And since Target was in the same shopping center (convenient right?) I bought some new slippers (with bling!) on sale for $10 and the Nieman Marcus gloves for only $25! ALL Nieman Marcus items are 50% off at Target! The black leather gloves were the LAST pair in my size (Small/Medium), I have small hands, short fingers and small wrists, so these fit perfectly! Funny how I tweeted about these gloves a month ago thinking they were SO adorable and that I’d only pine after them. LOVE AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES, all I can say!


How was everyone’s weekend?


10 thoughts on “Friends & Errands

  1. I had so much fun today. Thank you for meeting me for coffee and a walk.
    You make my run sound way more awesome than it was. Very slow. However, it was fabulous to get to do so much sightseeing. I am pretty sure I took a million pictures on the way home and that was even after restraining myself. Wow it is gorgoeus here.
    I will be happy to be back in my own condo and own bed though and Charleston is amazing too. Just a very different kind of beauy.
    I’ll be back next year, or maybe this summer. I saved you number in my phone so I can let you know next time I’m in CA.

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