Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012 Review

Happy New Year everyone! I recently qualified to receive the Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, which means I received a few complimentary products to test and review! If you want more information about Influenster, check out their About page and its VoxBox tab! And if you are interested in joining Influenster, it is by email only, and I have ONE invites left for anyone who wants one! Scroll to bottom for my email address.

Holiday VoxBox 2012

As part of my participation in this VoxBox, I earn more ‘points’ by doing a vlog of the box’s contents as soon as I receive it. Below is a video of me opening the box and discovering what is inside! Then be sure to scroll to read about each individual product review!

Product Reviews

Goody Quick Style: One of my FAVORITE products in this box! I desperately needed a new one and was excited to try this half-round brush with absorbant microfibers to help lessen dry time while styling/blowdrying.  First day I used it, I took it to the gym since I like to workout, take a shower and dry my hair a bit so it isn’t soping wet and freezing my head off when I go outside. Instead of hitting the gym hand/hair blow dryer about 8 times to get my hair 90% of the way dry (takes forever), I only hit the button about 4 times when using the brush! I like that the bristles don’t hurt my head. Its super cute and I love the plush microfibers!

Verdict: A MUST try if you style your hair! Comes in a paddle brush style too (~$11.99 brush). 

LipshineIMG_3279NYC Liquid LipshineNude Another perfect product for any occasion!   It comes with a nice soft applicator and smells yummy! The Nude shade has a subtle vanilla scent and all shades have moisturizing vitamin E. It claims to not be sticky (which it is if you don’t put chapstick on first, I don’t care either way personally), but it does last up to a few hours, just be sure to reapply if you drink or eat anything.

Verdict: If you are looking for an affordable gloss, try this! Only $2.49 per tube and comes in 10 shades (nudes, berries & fushias)!

IMG_3303Quaker Oats Real Medleys. Need a snack on the go? Try these out! They have REAL chunks of fruit and/or nuts and only require water!  I’d definitely go with the microwave directions since the hot water version doesn’t get as fluffy. BUT my Summer Berry flavor tasted great! (I love berries!) Going to get more at the store to put in my desk when I’m up at lab and forget to bring food…So convenient!

Verdict: YES! If you need a quick and healthy snack, get these! Only $1.79 per cup!

KISS nailsKISS Nail Dress.  The package claimed that it was simple: just peel, apply, and shape for an instant manicure that lasts up to 10 days. It seemed daunting at first, but their website had a nice little tutorial, so I gave it a shot. Had a bit of a learning curve to get the nails done (don’t look closely), but I managed to get them on in 5ish minutes. I don’t really go for dark colors being so fair skinned, but the brand offers LOTS of styles/patterns. This is a nice alternative to full manicures because this is cheaper and doesn’t dry my nails out (I get peeling nails after polish comes off since I have thin fine nails). But, being the active person I am, they don’t last the full 10 days (about 5). However, that still lasts longer than nail polish which chips within first 3 days!

Clay MaskVerdict: If you have thin fine nails like me, you could try these out! They come in a variety of colors and patterns and each package ($6.99) comes with 28 jeweled stickers.

Montagne Jeunesse Clean Up Mudwith Aloe Vera, Willow, Rosemary, and Witch Hazel to target problem areas for a clean complexion (a ‘bonus’ product I qualified for). There is enough mud for 2-3 applications depending on how thick you lay the product on your face.  It was easy to apply, but I had to remove it before the 10-15 min time suggestion since the drying of the clay was pulling at my skin and made me a bit uncomfortable. BUT it did leave my skin feeling smooth after! I do tend to have dry skin so I made sure to slather on alot of deep moisturizing cream after. Skin still felt soft the following day! (check out my silly photos to the right!) P.S. NOT tested on animals!

Verdict:  If you like clay masks, give it a try! Especially at less than $2 for a package.


Products that didn’t work for me:

Sole Soceity Coupon.  Seemed like a nice idea, but I have feet that are literally a half size different. That means I REALLY need to try on shoes for fit and comfort, which is hard to do online. BUT if you have the same size feet and have shopped online before you might give it a try! Use the coupon code below until January 31. I have no idea what the company is like, or whether the product looks the same as featured online or fits true to size though. If you shop online check out their Buy One Get One deal going on!

Verdict: Get $25 off your first pair of shoes (starting at $50 per pair) use: INFLUENSTER25

EBOOST: Pink Lemonade Effervescent.  Definitely a little skeptical about testing this out, since I tried the Orange flavored vitamin packet in my previous voxbox and was met with disappointment.  I did drink most of it to see if it would be ‘different’ than the other flavor, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t much better. It did taste slightly better than the orange, but the werid aftertaste left in my mouth after 3 seconds was something I still couldn’t handle.  Sorry, not a fan!

Verdict: Nice idea, but skip it!

Email me at masters2marathons at gmail dot com if you are interested in joining Influenster (by invite only) so YOU can do reviews on various products too! ONE left!

Disclaimer: I was sent these complimentary products for testing and reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.


11 thoughts on “Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012 Review

    • Basically once you sign up, you earn points on your profile by:
      *linking your social media accounts like twitter, instagram etc… (profile page)
      *writing reviews on products that you have tried (give it a grade, quick blurb, pros/cons),
      *answering questions about products (same page as review, just open Q&A tab) that relate to your chosen ‘expert badges’ Example product page here: See tab below Essential facts:
      ** Expert badges are different categories like beauty, eco-friendly, tech-oriented; there are lots but you can only choose 5, but you can earn some lifestage badges as well (different from expert):

      and then your activity will increase your points. There was lag when I first joined, took about 3 weeks for my point/score to go up, you can see my profile here:

      On your page, at the bottom there will be a ‘Fun File’ where if your expert badges and initial survey demographics match up, there will be a task like a survey to complete. If it is a survey relating to something you are interested in, take the survey and if you qualify (again has to do with more specific demographics), you might receive a voxbox!

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