Rock Tape Review

A couple months ago, Rock Tape was looking for people (aka. injured people like me) to test and give an honest/thorough review of their kinesiology tape. Before I said yes to the offer, I asked my sports chiropractor whether he thought it might aid in the recovery of my pes anserine bursistis. He told me that he LOVES Rock Tape, uses it himself, and encouraged me to try it out.   In the meantime, I used some regular KT tape I bought earlier (but never used), until my Rock Tape arrived…

Rock Tape Review

What is Rock Tape? How does it work?

It is kinesiology tape and is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantars and runner’s knee. When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes blood flow. Faster blood flow means more oxygen and more lymph drainage, which helps remove Lactic Acid. -Rock Tape website


Testing it out:

My chiropractor showed me how to tape my leg: full support around the knee with a support piece along my adductor (linked to PAB isue).  Most of the time I brought the tape to each session, so he could do it for me 🙂 P.S. My chiro has me ‘stretch’ my leg in order to tape my adductor, rather than stretching the tape to my leg. Its a small detail, but helps prevent over stretching of tape.  NoteI also experimented with a PAB taping tutorial example (see below), but it didn’t seem to make a difference in pain lessening, so I stuck to the easier taping method! But it looked cool and it was easy to cut 1″ strips using the diamonds in the argyle as a guide!

Yoga Rock Tape

Literally the week I ran out of KT tape, my Rock Tape arrived! Blue Argyle AND solid light blue! HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!? I opened the box up to find a nice instructional printout for taping various places on the body. I also loved all the inspirational quotes on the wax paper backing 🙂 Rock Tape was my best friend the ENTIRE month of December since it helped me exercise with little to no pain. The ‘pain’ I did get on occasion was an ‘ache’ from overuse, but having the tape on consistently decreased the frequency of ache! I am at the point where, dare I say it, on a WALK/RUN and PAIN FREE program to make my running COME BACK!

Rock Tape WearAs for the tape itself, on average, I wore the tape for 8-10 days straight through numerous showers, yoga and gym sessions before removing and reapplying. Best part? Adhesive Reactivation! When that little strip up my quad started to catch on the yoga mat the first day I had it on, I just tacked it back down and rubbed it to reactivate the adhesive no problem (friction = heat = stick)! That would NOT have been possible with the regular $12 roll of KT tape, once it started to ‘go’…it was done for.  There were signs of ‘wear’ as time progressed; it started to fray a bit around the edges and would peel up just a tad after 8 days (but not come off entirely like the regular KT tape after 3 days). Overall:

  1. Helped decrease/eliminate pain during exercise (so I could still work out lightly during recovery)
  2. Sometimes itched after a few days of use (went away)
  3. Lasted at least 10 days straight through sweat and showers. Some ‘wear’ after 8 days of usage.
  4. It is BEST REMOVED WITH BABY OIL! I have fairly sensitive skin, so using the ‘bandaid’ method (just rip off) was NOT a good idea for me because it left me with little red bumps for a week. But looking online, I found that soaking with baby oil (be generous!) for about 10 minutes and slowly working it off with more oil meant NO PAIN and NO RED BUMPS! Check out collage below (my baby oil has aloe for soothing any irritation).
  5. ALWAYS going to have a spare roll around to treat any future injuries, I LOVE ROCK TAPE!

Rock Tape Removal

At my lab/grad school, I was literally a walking billboard for Rock Tape, I got so many people asking me what Rock Tape was, how it worked, did I like it…AND found a poor soul friend to tape in order to help mitigate her knee issues.  I showed Dorota (my friend/fellow yoga lover below) how easy it was to cut, peel and apply the tape and sent her home with some extra strips to use later 🙂 Check out her blurb and our yoga inspired Rock Tape photo shoot below!

“I was just Christmas shopping around downtown and my knee started killing me. I had to break out a little stretch sesh in American Apparel and limp back to the car. The surgery I got was in March for my medial meniscus and most of my pain now is in my inner knee. It goes in waves where sometimes it’s totally fine and other times it’s pretty bad (which is the case now, I think in part due to spill on my bike last month.)…

Yoga Girls Rock Tape

 …holy batman, it really works!   I was a little skeptical about taping but it really did minimize my pain for the 6 days I had it on. I walked several miles and went to a couple yoga classes during those days and had almost no pain in my knee. I found that the tape stuck very well to skin but less well to itself, especially after a couple days. It would occasionally get itchy, but only slightly. I will definitely use it again and would recommend Rock Tape to friends.” -Dorota


Comparison of Products: Rock Tape vs Regular KT Tape (never tried PRO)

Rock Tape vs KT Tape

If you want to learn more about the science behind how/why Rock Tape works, click here!

Disclaimer: I was given a couple complimentary rolls of Rock Tape for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.


6 thoughts on “Rock Tape Review

  1. I’m a rock tape devotee too! I’ve got the hot pink & also the more subtle beige (for work).
    I’ve found that if I cut the corners as curves rather than sharp edges the taps doesn’t peel or catch on things as easily.

    Hope your knee is feeling better!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I had gotten a free couple of pieces of Rocktape – but ended up messing them up before I could use them properly, and instead used KT Tape (They sent me a roll as demo instead of just a strip or two) and have used it with great luck.

    Based on your recommendation – I will give Rocktape another shot!

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