Believe I Am Goal Update #3

Today marks the deadline for each of us Sisters In Sport to reach a goal we set for ourselves 3 months ago using our Believe I Am journal! Here is a recap of my progress toward my goal: getting back into a consistent running regime (3x/week).

October Goal: Heal PAB

in October I faced my second injury, pes anserine bursistis, after I had JUST recovered from a hamstring strain (probably related). It was difficult to transfer 2 half marathon registrations (one ‘downgrade’ to 5k, other deferred), but it was necessary since my body apparently needed more time to heal. At this point, I had quite a bit of persistent achiness in the area and ALOT OF TENDERNESS when touched even lightly.  I saw my chiropractor nearly every week that month so he could do graston scraping and ART stretching to help with the healing process.  By the end of October my persistent achiness had subsided, but I still had ‘flare ups’ during exercise and tenderness to the touch.

November Goal:  Build Fitness Foundation to Run

During this month I was basically managing my PAB: still seeing chiro regularly, but instead of mostly resting and stretching, I started incorporating low impact activities and light strength training to my routine.  This was also the month I started using kinesiology tape (see Rock Tape post), which definitely helped reduce pain and allow me to exercise. By the end of the month, I was exercising three days a week (gym, yoga and swim/bike) and my symptoms had improved slightly (less achiness & tenderness).

December Goal: Start Run/Walk Program

IMG_3368During the first couple weeks of December though, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish my final goal.  Not only had my symptoms remained stable since the end of November (not worsening, but not improving either), my schedule was extremely crazy being the end of the semester/start of the holiday season.  During that time, I only got 2 workouts a week (I don’t count daily short dog walks and stretching as a workout, that’s just mandatory), but something changed after I drove to parents’ on the 17th.  I’m going to sound crazy, but I had this little voice/idea that I should do the jump test to see how my inner knee would hold up (see PT post). So I went to the gym on the 20th, did the 20 minute jump test; both feet front/back, side/side, each foot front/back and side/side with NO PAIN! My quads and glutes were tired, but no pain.  I also went to a yoga class  and later helped my mom move HEAVY BOXES down a flight of 20 stairs. I thought, “If my PAB is not aching tomorrow it will be a miracle!”.

Well, no miracle. I did have some achiness the next day, but I definietly over used it.  BUT instead of the achiness being a 6-7 on the pain scale, it was about a 1. I did have to help my mom move more boxes for the next few days, so I just kept stretching and walking. It wasn’t until the 27th that I decided to do Stage 1 of the walk/run program: warm up 10 min then walk 5 min/run 1 min x 5 for a total of 40 minutes (aka only 5 min of actual running). It was awkward at first for sure. I hadn’t gone on a run for at least 5 months at this point, so my body was struggling to ‘find its rhythm’ (difficult with 1 minute intervals). I tried to focus on form, but was obsessively paranoid about feeling pain. Literally I kept wondering, “Ok, am I going to be in pain soon? When is it going to happen?” THE WHOLE TIME. But no I didn’t have any pain during that run. Nor the following day. So I did Stage I again on the 29th, no pain, a little less awkwardness and paranoia. And did Stage II on the 31st (walk 4 min/run 2 min) and core training after. No pain. Not even any tenderness when I saw the chiropractor afterward for more graston scraping.

January Goal: Do run/walk program 3 days a week

Champion shirtAgain, Wednesday and Friday I did Stage II with NO PAIN OR ACHINESS!! Tomorrow I plan on doing Stage III (walk 3 min/run 3 min) and eventually I’ll work up to Stage V (full 30 minute run, can’t wait)! Even though it’s slow beans for me this January, I’m confident I will be able to participate in the Big Sur 9 miler in April since I am back to running 3 days a week!!!

P.S. For any of you who saw this picture of me in my new Champion shirt, it was actually right before I did my first walk/run 🙂 Didn’t want to say anything in case I jinxed it!

THANK YOU Believe I Am for this wonderful journal, allowing me to take part in this goal making/tracking experience and welcoming me into your amazing Sisters In Sport community! I truly love & appreciate everything!!

Have a goal you’d like to share for 2013? 

What is Believe I Am? Believe I Am is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that utilize sports psychology techniques used by pro athletes to help aspirational women succeed in life and in sport by developing positive beliefs about themselves. Be sure to check out their website to get your own cute & inspirational merchandise and YOUR very own journal! I was given a complimentary journal in exchange for participating in monthly updates, but all opinions are my own.


13 thoughts on “Believe I Am Goal Update #3

  1. Yay! Glad you are back running! I know it can be hard and awkward when coming back after so much time off but it only gets easier from here!

  2. Wow, really awesome that you were able to structure your goals in such an achievable way!!! Congrats on getting back into running. I work at a running store so I have seen some CRAZY injuries sideline people for a while…
    Best of luck in 2013!

  3. !!! so glad you’re feeling better and back to hitting the roads. I will definitely check out Rock Tape — you have some very helpful advice on it 🙂 So fun following along with your journey #sistersinsport!

    • Thanks! The journals are super cute and I love all the goal oriented worksheets at the beginning! There are enough pages to document workouts/progress for a year and some blank pages in the back for any notes etc!

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