2013 Training Schedule and #TeamComeBetter

Welcome to 2013! Yes I’m on the late bandwagon for publishing my post about training for events, but I wanted to make sure my first few weeks went by smoothly before I jinxed myself by developing an entirely new injury to keep me from running. NOT interested in revisiting that 2012 scenario.  Thankfully I’m back on track and ready to hit the ground running!

IMG_3402In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a nerd (being a grad student scientist and all), because I love creating fitness plans with excel.  To experienced/long time runners this may look like a slow process (because it is), but it follows my physical therapist’s guidelines for slowly incorporating a run/walk program into my regular fitness regime as well as the 10% increase mileage rule. I started the 5 stage run/walk program late December, so I used those weekly miles as a starting point for my intended schedule. While I designed a smart & balanced approach to my upcoming races, it is subject to change if I feel any injuries develop. Definitely NOT going to power through them.

  • January: progress through remaining run/walk stages (labeled Stage # RW) while maintaining cross training: yoga, swimming, strength & core training.
  • February: full runs 2 days/week with cross training.
  • March: transition to 3 days/week with cross training.
  • April: keep gradual mileage increase and use Big Sur 9 miler as a day for ‘training’ rather than a ‘race’.
  • May: final mileage buildup & taper for Capitola Half Marathon

Note: Everyday will include short dog walks and stretching/rolling sessions. CRUCIAL for my tight lower body. LOVE my Sprinter Stick for massaging knots out.

What does it mean to come better?


 My blog pal Abby from Back at Square Zero asked herself: Why just come back when you can come back better? and later coined the phrase.  Both of us have dealt with injury over the past few months, so we are coming back BETTER in 2013The message we are hoping to send is that: running may have its ups and down, but you can always keep working toward your goals and to come better. Follow our #TeamComeBetter progress on twitter and instagram and if you are also making 2013 the year you come better, we’d love to know, so tag us (@mast2mar and @BackatSquare0) and/or use the hashtag #TeamComeBetter!

P.S. Abby is on a training for the Rock in Roll, Nashville marathon, the same weekend as my Big Sur 9 miler, so be sure to check out her training plan and please support her efforts as we are both making 2013 our come better year.

2013 Training Plan

What are your favorite ways to cross train?


8 thoughts on “2013 Training Schedule and #TeamComeBetter

  1. Helllllllllooooo #TeamComeBetter! I ❤ it!! Your plan of attack looks great, very doable and conscientious with avoiding injuries. I'm totally excited to follow #TeamComeBetter's progress. You girls rock.

  2. Wow, this is amazing that you have 5 months planned out! I really should do something like that…I need to decide what spring races/ events I want to train for and then I’m going to look at putting something like this together, I love it! Good luck with your training!

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