January: 30 day Challenges

Did you know you can sign up for free virtual challenges on Challenge Loop? Did you know many challenges offer prizes? Its totally awesome!

Instead of writing a new years resolution post or rewriting my goals for this year (I have an ongoing Goal page fyi), I wanted to share with you this awesome challenge website I’m using to start 2013 with a bang!  As a Greatist Ambassador, I was asked to join the December challenge that they hosted, but had no idea what Challenge Loop was and didn’t look into it until late Dec. At that time, I discovered three challenges for January that piqued my interest: Jen Morgan’s 30 day Ab challenge (I want toned abs and core strength), 2013 Yoga Challenge (#yogaeverydamnday, love that hashtag!), and Fit Approach’s Running Reboot Challenge (SWEAT PINK sisters unite!).

How can you join? Just sign in with Facebook or Twitter, create a short profile page and then JOIN one or more challenges! The rules are at the top of each page, aka. what you need to do in order to be eligible to win a prize.  The Ab and Yoga challenge require at least 8 posts within the 30 days (pictures and videos optional but encouraged), while the Fit Approach challenge requires only 4 posts, but each post MUST have a picture.

IMG_3362 IMG_3467

Ok so what everyone really wants to know is what the prizes are:

  • Ab Challenge: Women’s Health “BIG BOOK OF ABS”
  • Yoga Challenge: yoga wear, yoga mat, jewelry and more from YogaEarth, Drop Of Mindfulness, LuvMat and Blooming Lotus Jewelry.
  • Fit Approach Running Reboot: A $59.00 Splits59 gift certificate to a few lucky participants!

How am I doing? Check out some photos below of me participating in the challenges like the ones above and on my profile page! I will do a recap at the end of the final challenge (Fit Approach runs, bad pun, through Feb 7th) on how this went! It’s only the 13th, you still have 18 days left to participate in Ab & Yoga challenges and 24 days for Fit Approach challenge! JOIN TODAY! It’s super fun and addicting! P.S. sometimes the app on my phone crashes or won’t load…only bummer. But the website from computer works great!

Have you signed up for any? Are you interested?


9 thoughts on “January: 30 day Challenges

  1. I have already commuted to a new challenge that starts tomorrow. However I would live to try future challenges! They help to keep me focused.

    • My yoga everyday is going through stretching postures 🙂 so it’s not like Im doing anything different than normal. But yes, I think 3 is my max…fortunately these complement eachother but next month I’ll have to choose carefully! Good luck with your push-up challenge!

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