January Training Recap

Hard to believe the first month of 2013 has already flown by! Any one else surprised by that? Anyway, here is a recap of January workouts/thoughts/updates on my training progress!


Running: Yep, got my 2 runs in a week and graduated to running 25 min non-stop! The first few weeks were a bit ‘new’ to my body so I did W/F first week and W/Sa the second week to give my body the most rest days in between. I did notice ‘different’ aches starting to develop that were not in the PAB area like before.   When I went to the chiro I told him that my knee still felt a bit weak even though I have been strength training three times a week for the past few weeks (eccentric hamstring and quad exercises, plus hip, glute and calf exercises), so he had me do some strength tests. I passed all of the strength tests except for one. My sartorius muslce on my left leg. Its the little quad muscle that goes from your outer hip to your inner knee.  My chiro did some acupressure points, fashioned a new style of Rock Tape on my leg and its REALLY made a huge difference. Literally the next day I wasn’t sore/achy even though I worked out before I saw him and he did quite a bit of work on that leg.  He said its minor and that I could continue my low mileage, but even so, I dialed back a little this week.  Next Monday is a follow-up appt!

Cross Training: Haven’t been to the pool since my weird aches started, so might hold off on doing too much until I have a strong Sartorius again! But I will keep up with my regular strength training and yoga schedule! Some interesting fitness posts from this month include the yoga Arm Balance Clinic I took as well as my First Barre class!

Recovery: Still stretching and rolling everyday as well as living in my compression socks! And still rocking the Rock tape…


How was your January?


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