Sweaty Bands Bonanza!


Ever since I started blogging, I’ve seen so many lovely ladies talking about and sharing pictures of their Sweaty Bands! Secretly I’ve been wanting to try one out and I TOTALLY SCORED AN AWESOME HOLIDAY DEAL I just couldn’t pass up! So, in the spirit of giving (and testing), I ordered 5 different Sweaty Bands for some of my closest gal pals in my life (4 for them and 1 for me) 🙂 P.S. I ordered them on the evening of Dec 5th and they were delivered Monday Dec 10th!  They ship super fast, they are made in the good-ol’ USA, and if you order from Sweaty Bands, you can make an account and accrew Sweaty Bands loyalty points (if you see yourself buying more in the future)!

A few were gifts for friends ‘back home’, so I shipped them to my parents house. My mom called me when they came (in a priority envelope) and asked if it was another ‘blog thing’, ha! She knows me
too well…(see above pict of the 5 Sweaty Bands I ordered)

M2M_me M2M_sweatybands_test

So how’d they hold up? I have practically lived in my super cute Sweaty Bands periwinkle Flower Power headband over the past month, from dog walks to the gym, yoga classes and even on a rainy run! Sometimes I need to readjust the bottom, since its just elastic, but it never just falls off my head like others! And I have soft, thin, fine hair, which is the perfect combo for things to fall out of my hair (clips, barettes, you name it). Bottom line: it works! I love mine and I want more!

Please vote for my yoga pict in my Periwinkle Flower Power Sweaty Bands! If I get the most votes in Feb, I will win a 6 pack and do a giveaway!! You can vote once/day! Thanks!

Vote here: http://www.sweatybands.com/en/hot-looks

Yoga Sweaty Bands


But don’t just take my word for it, I roped my friends into sending me a pict and quick recap of their experience with their Sweaty Bands!

M2M_brittany Brittany

Brittany: its cute and functional. What every woman wants out of her workout gear!


Nicole IMG_3648

Nicole: It stays on really well and doesn’t give you weird dents in your hair!


M2M_Julie IMG_3366

Julie:  I don’t have to clip it in place like my other headbands because it stays on all day & during workouts!


P.S.  If you are wondering whether the ‘Mystery Grab Bag‘ bands are any good, let me tell you that TWO of the 5 bands are from the Grab Bag option! Can you tell which is which? My lips are sealed 🙂 but I can tell you they were just as great even up close!

Do you own a Sweaty Bands head band? If so, how do you like it? If not, would you get one?

Vote here: http://www.sweatybands.com/en/hot-looks



12 thoughts on “Sweaty Bands Bonanza!

  1. I love my Sweaty Band! I tell everyone about them. I normally can not wear headbands because I get headaches easily. This one though fits just right and does not feel like a vice on my head. I actually forget I have it on. The velvet ribbon in the back really “sticks” it in place. Every woman who does any type if physical activity should own these. I just wish they were sold everywhere! Besides on line, only one store in my area sells them.

    • Glad to hear you are a fan too! I think REI is maybe the only place you can buy some in-store, unless you sign up for a big race and they are at that expo. But yea would be awesome if they were sold in more stores!

  2. Sooooo cute, Nicole!! And what a great gift for your friends. I have a horrible time finding bands that stay in place (hello, child size head….). So far, Sparkly Soul’s are the only ones that don’t slip but they’re expensive.

    I just voted and will daily. *fingers crossed for you*

    • Yea Sweaty Bands are similarly priced…so I really like to wait until a good coupon code and free shipping becomes available at certain times of the year!!! Thanks for voting! I hope I win because I would LOVE to do a giveaway!

  3. Just voted! I’ve tried them on a few times at expos and always REALLY want to buy some, but unfortunately any sort of headband like this gives me a headache. (I even stood in the booth for like 10 min at an expo to test it, no go, started to get a headache!) They really do stay in place though, wish I could wear them!

    P.S. the one you’re wearing is the one I really wanted!

    • Some are a little bit bigger, so there is a little inconsistency in sizing. The first time I wore the periwinkle it hurt a bit, but I’ve stretched it out a bit and no probs! Sorry they didn’t work out for you big bummer!! Thanks for voting!!

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