New Year New Gear Exchange

So my blog pal Nicole (awesome name by the way 🙂 ) over at Apples and Arteries came up with the great idea of a gear gift exchange called New Year New Gear! So today I’m going to tell you about the awesome blogger I gifted to as well as what I received!

So how did this work exactly? After a handful of people signed up, we got assigned (by Nicole) someone to gift to as well as a different person to receive a gift from. That way we each got to meet 2 new people!  The ‘rules’ were to email your contact, read their blog to learn more about them, ask about their ‘wishlist’ items, ask for their size (if clothing) and style, then go shop for something $15 or under! We were alotted a couple weeks for the whole process ( contacting, shopping and shipping) and a deadline to wrap the exchange by writing a post about the experience! So before I get all gushy on the awesome gear I got, I’d like to introduce you to the person I was assigned to gift to, Tenecia from Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli!

1223121157Tenecia is a mother, wife and figure competitor! Her blog is all about her journey from ‘competition season’ to ‘off season’ and everything that happens in between! Before reading her blog, I really had no idea what went into training for a figure competition or what the process was to qualify, to strut your stuff on stage …  I was totally blown away and completely admire her passion for competing.  Tenecia certainly is NO stranger to lifting weights, getting in tough workouts, eating well and being an awesome role model overall! Be sure to check out Tenecia’s blog Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli to read up on her latest posts and to check out what I gifted to her!

Alright, so onto the person who gifted to me, Nicole from Apples and Arteries! Not sure if that was random or not 😉 but its always fun having gifts To: Nicole From: Nicole 🙂 I do speak from experience since one of my very good friends from back home is named Nicole (not going to go into all the nicknames we had for eachother!) ANYWAY, I kind of dropped a huge and not so subtle hint about my recent found love for Sweaty Bands…I purchased 4 for friends as holiday gifts, but only one for myself and WISHED I had gotten myself another one (see post Sweaty Bands Bonanza)…Aaannnd I even went so far as to give her a discount code to use at checkout. I do believe in her email reply she thanked me for the “very specific and detailed info“.  In all fairness, I did also refer her to my Clothing page to show her what types of attire I like to wear (since I also love ALL exercise clothes) in case she wanted to do some retail in a store rather than online.



As well as a very nice handwritten note from Nicole 🙂 Because I had to wear them immediately, it was hard to choose which one to wear first! I opted to wear the flower one called ‘Inhale’ (reminds me of my lovely periwinkle Flower Power head band) during my first Turbo Kick class and the brown sparkly ‘Viva Diva’ one to my friday yoga class. Like always, I got SO many compliments on both! So THANK YOU Nicole for the wonderful Sweaty Bands and for offering this amazing New Year New Gear experience!

P.S. Please vote for my Flower Power Sweaty Bands yoga picture (can vote once a day!) so I can win 6 Sweaty Bands and do a giveaway with them!!! Vote here:

Yoga Sweaty Bands 

Would you be interested in participating in the future?


5 thoughts on “New Year New Gear Exchange

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  2. Oh how cool, I would definitely consider participating in something like this! It’s always fun to try out new gear and I love getting recommendations from other runners/ yogis!

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