Singles Night at Whole Foods


Last night, I went to a Singles Night hosted by Whole Foods Market, yes WHOLE FOODS! I was a bit confused about the whole grocery store thing when my gal pal invited me to come with her…but after perusing the web, I read MANY articles about people meeting in grocery stores! Seriously, I’ve never been picked up at a grocery store, probably because I do early morning shopping during the weekdays (when all the old people shop) rather than evening weekend shopping when, apparently, that kind of stuff normally happens. Who knew?!?!? Anyway, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to spend my $6 for food to go and see what ‘the scene’ is at Whole Foods. Plus by going with a friend, we could easily bail if it turned out to be mostly people twice our age and proceeds went to Community Partnership for Youth, so no matter what, my money went to a good cause!


In the beginning:

So we showed up 10 minutes early and waited in a ‘red carpet line’ for about 20 minutes until the last of the customers cleared out of the store.  The first table at the entrance was giving out wine glasses for the wine testers, I thought it was a place to give our money…Nope, had to go inside to another line at the cash register to pay.  A bit confusing. So finally at 9:30, I got my purple bracelet indicating I would be a ‘foodie’ and checked out all the little food booths. It was nice that they had a Valentine’s theme with the balloons, red color, and desserts all around, though it would have been more ‘romantic’ if they had dimmed the lights a little or lit candles! Yes candles would have been awesome! Back to the food. My FAVORITE food they served were bacon wrapped candied dates filled with goat cheese. OMG AMAZING! I spoke with the lady serving us, apparently she made them, so now that I know what’s inside, I can figure out how to make them in the future!  Oh and I chatted up another employee who made the almond toffee.  He seemed surprised that I knew how to make toffee and we talked about the process and what/how things go wrong.  It is a finicky process, but SO good when it comes out right!


Funny Story #1: The Chocolate Fountain

IMG_3737When we were first making the ’rounds’ I spotted the chocolate fountain and wanted to have some chocolate strawberries! So I skewered 2 strawberries, stuck them into the fountain, and presto! Chocolate covered strawberries! I then proceeded to eat them, not thinking about the dripping chocolate, when all of a sudden, as I was trying to eat the first strawberry, the second one ‘rolled’ all of its chocolate onto the table and floor. Mid bite, I was like “Oh no! Chocolate on the floor!” and then the guy in front of me turned around to see my stunned face and handed me a napkin.  Why they had napkins on the far side of the table rather than in the middle, I have no idea. Maybe you are supposed to meet people by making a mess like I did? I thanked him, but he was with someone, so I turned to my friend to have a laugh. Then the second time I went to the fountain, I dropped my strawberry in the fountain! I really thought about fishing it out, but didn’t want to make a scene, so I left it where it was. And I noticed that ALOT more people had drizzled chocolate everywhere by that time.  I guess I was just the first to start the trend!

Logistics and Age Range

Around 9:45pm, the place got a bit more ‘snug’ since more people showed up, but unfortunately for me I’d say 60-70% were women and the average age of attendees was somewhere 35-40. Also, there weren’t really any large areas to congregate, it was like a maze with all their booths/grocery store displays so the verdict is still out on whether the small space is conducive to ‘meeting people’ or more difficult if someone you want to talk to is completely blocked from your path.  We did manage to investigate the whole store; mainly food/wine tables, but they did have an olive oil based brand of face cream, body cream and chapstick giving out samples to try as well as an *ahem* intimate table for other types of samples.  They did have a raffle for a ‘mystery box’ at that table, which neither my friend nor I entered since it was probably a combo of things on that table.

Funny Story #2: What’s in the bag? 

Anyway, during this time, I saw one of the people who got a ‘grab bag’ (had to be one of the first 25 in the door) start taking things out and looking at them with someone else.  Not sure if I interrupted a ‘moment’, but I went up to the older gentlemen and lady friend and asked if I could see what was inside and take a picture for my blog.  The woman said that, it was a bit disappointing, but both people encouraged me to go ahead if I wanted. So, since there weren’t any free tables or anything to set contents on, I literally got on my knees on the floor, took everything out of the bag to stage a picture.  Some of the items they hadn’t pulled out yet, so it was interesting to speculate as to why all of these products were in the bag.  Quite frankly, I had expected more from Whole Foods.  If you look at the picture below, you will see lots of paper and plastic goods: plastic frisbee, plastic cup, paper as ’tissue paper’, Brain Tonic (energy drink? with lots of sugar), Nut Butter packets (with algae?), bottle opener, Whole Foods Valentie’s Day flier & gift guide, and as far as I could tell, the ‘winner’ items were the 99 cent reusable bag and the peanut butter bar.  I think it would have been better had they put in fresh organic fruit, maybe a rose or some little chocolates. But that’s just me.


Oh and the woman totally got a kick out of me for doing this. I thanked them for allowing me to take a picture for my blog and apologized for any inconvenience.  The lady just laughed and said, “I came here to be entertained, and so far you are very entertaining!” (in a good way).  Later my friend said she thought some guy was looking at me and going to come up to talk to me right before my blog shenanigan…and then he and his buddies were most definitely watching my whole ‘floor performance’.  Oh well, I definitely walk to the beat of my own drum!

The Lull and my Silliness

Around 10:15 I noticed the place starting to clear out a bit, there was still plenty of alcohol left at the tasting stations, I think that many of the males and younger-ish crowd might have just gone downtown to hit the bar scenes.  So my friend and I chatted with more people we knew that we ran into: one girl from our lab and for me, one girl I went to undergrad with! We totally recognized eachother but had completely forgotten eachother’s names. She was a year or two ahead of me, so we hadn’t seen eachother in 4 years since we last worked together at the volunteer touch tanks.  So it was nice reconnecting with people and catching up! And since the night was winding down, my friend and I just wandered around the store until these SUPER CUTE hats and gloves caught my eye!  So we did a little photo shoot (yes my hands can almost fit in these kid gloves) and had fun modeling these great items!  Can you say “Inspiration for making my own gloves and hats in the future”?



Overall,  it was fun as a ‘night out’, but I think in the future if this Whole Foods wants to have a Singles Night, might be better to have interactive games since most people that came together, stayed together in little groups.  I read about someone else who went to a Whole Foods Singles Night where they got paired up to do a scavenger hunt around the store! THAT sounds FUN! This is a ‘new thing’ for Whole Foods, so maybe there will be new things in the future! P.S. Apparently the Whole Foods near UC Davis holds University Singles Nights, wish something like that were near me! Would significantly lower the mean age of attendees…

Have you ever been to a singles night at Whole Foods?

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11 thoughts on “Singles Night at Whole Foods

  1. This is awesome lol. Bummer that it turned out to be more of an odd social event than anything serious, but looks like it was fun anyway! I’d love to attend a single night at the grocery store! Hehe.

    • Hopefully this will be a more common phenomenon for Whole Foods in the future and will be less of an ‘odd social event’ and more ‘singles mingling’ 🙂 Who knows, maybe a whole foods near you will host a singles night! Like the closest one to you on Facebook for future news!

      • Unfortunately there aren’t any close to me.. well, it’s about a half hour drive either way.. but a Trader Joe’s meetup would be fun! Maybe this trend will catch on!
        Though still wouldn’t be bad to check into for a one-time thing!

  2. Getting caught up from last week. Excuse the mass comments…. 😉

    Bacon wrapped candied dates filled with goat cheese?!? OMG! I would die to taste that. How fun that Whole Foods offered something like that. Too bad it didn’t live up to the romantic hype but it still sounds like an awesome time.

    PS – You know you’re a blogger when you ask someone else if you can take a picture of their freebies. ❤

    • Yes, literally I had to limit myself to 3, since I could have just stolen the whole platter and hidden in an empty corner to eat all of them myself!

      I did still have fun (I seem to have this funny way of ‘making my own fun’) and really didnt have any expectations, so it was good to go just to check it out!

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