No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 1

In an effort to increase my upper body strength, I opted to join a challenge one of my blends Jen at Wine to Weightlifting (and her collaborators) created called the No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge! It runs from February 4 – March 11 with weekly check-ins & prizes and is based on the 100 pushup challenge app workout guide!

What have I done so far? I printed out 6 weeks worth of workout progressions from the website and on Monday, I did the initial pushup test and later that day did the first workout. Note, it is recommended to do the initial test and then start the program a couple days later, but that would have cut into my 5 week time frame…and I do about 30-40 pushups at every yoga class, which are spaced out over an hour, so I figured this would be fine for my body.

Initial test: Do as many good form pushups as you can in a row.  Again, in yoga, we don’t do many consectutive pushups, we do quite a few over the course of an hour.  BUT I still managed to do 8 consecutive yoga-style pushups (harder because arms are close to your body)! This put me into the second column ‘workout’ plan for week 1.

Week 1: Column 2 workouts (see website) have 5 sets of pushups you do 3 times a week with a 60 second break in between each set. For example: Set 1=6, Set 2=6, Set 3=4, Set 4=4, Set 5= (max you can do at least 5 or more).  So I did this workout  on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (sort of) of last week. I was definitely a bit sore the day after each workout in my delts and a little bit in my triceps, but not to the point where I couldn’t use my arms.  And I found that as I progressed farther into the week, my arms were less sore the following day. To me, this is a sign that I am on the right plan, its challenging, but not body crippling or difficult to recover from.  Here are my daily totals:

  • Monday: 33 pushups (initial test + week 1)
  • Wednesday: 25 (week 1, max at 5)
  • Saturday: 20+ (2.5 hr yoga class!)

You are supposed to give your arms a rest day in between workouts, so I decided to forego the Friday workout in lieu of the 2.5 hr yoga technique workshop on Saturday.  Most of the ‘pushups’ we did were yoga-oriented; we focused on correct form during chaturanga and up-dog, which we did over and over and I lost count after 20.  Tough work! Had I done the workout on Friday, my arms would not have been ‘fresh’ enough to focus on improving my yoga form, BUT I still got a great upper body workout from that class! Check back Wednesday for full recap!

Goal: Yes my goal is to do 100 pushups, but I really want this effort to ‘spill-over’ into my yoga practice.  There are poses we have to hold on our arms (sometimes a low pushup a few inches off the floor) and I really need additional upper body/shoulder strength for some of them.  I am also hoping this will help tone my arms a bit more 🙂 So far so good on the challenge and I can’t wait to report on my Week 2 progress!

Have you ever participated in a pushup challenge?


11 thoughts on “No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 1

  1. This sounds awesome…I could TOTALLY use some help with my upper body strength! I can definitely see a difference in my arm strength since I went through yoga teacher training (because I was practicing so much), but like you said for more advanced poses more arm strength would help!

    I know the challenge has already started, but I may check out the info and do the workouts anyways, thanks for sharing!

    • I have a bit of a shoulder issue from my younger soccer days, so I just take it slow and make sure I have really good form since I don’t want to exacerbate it. Maybe try against the wall pushups since that would be less strain on your elbow? I’m always modifying things to make sure it works for my body 🙂

  2. Wow, awesome job, Nicole! This is my second go-round with the pushup challenge. The first time I did it it had me start on level 2 and then demoted me to level 1 after 3 weeks. I just started week 5 of the pushup challenge round 2 and am happy with my progress. I’m excited to read about your yoga form workshop. Sounds great!!

    • Awesome that you are on 5 weeks already! I am just taking it one week at a time and if I need to ‘demote’ myself I have no problem doing that either. We shall see!

      I have lots of pictures to post, I’m excited to blog about the workshop!

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