Tripawd Chloe’s 12th Birthday

Yep its Valentine’s Day and it’s also my Chloe’s 12th birthday! Her last year as a tween and then she becomes a reckless teenager! Ok so I’m joking about my silly old lady dog 🙂 Today is dedicated to her milestone birthday as well as the 2.5yr mark of being a tripawd! She is my inspiration and my best silly friend 🙂 I make a doggie video every year for her ‘ampuversary’ (late July), so if you haven’t seen the 2yr one, feel free to watch the slide show to music below!


My fave photo: three legged down dog at the top of the mat

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

If you want to read more about how Chloe became a tripawd, click here to check out the full story on her blog “Being 4 legged is so overrated”.


9 thoughts on “Tripawd Chloe’s 12th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Chloe! I love the story of Chloe so much, you are so strong to have made the decision to immediately amputate her leg when you found out about the tumor, I hope I would be able to do the same if I ever was faced with such a decision! It really is amazing how resilient dogs are!

  2. Happy {belated} birthday, Chloe!! I looooooooved the video, Nicole and great choice of background music. 😉 Chloe is such a cutie and doesn’t look like she’s bothered at all by a missing leg. (Plus, I think she actually gets up stairs better than I do!)

    • I’ll pass the wishes onto Chloe! That is one of my fave songs and even though its more of a break up song, I feel it can apply to many things that a person can overcome (or dogs for that matter)!

      Chloe is too funny on the stairs, she zigzags!

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