RACER Wall Frame Review

Last month I was asked to participate in the “Art of Racing” campaign held by the premier source of ready-to-hang wall frames designed specifically for race bibs and photos, the RACER Wall Frame!

Not sure what do do with your race bibs? No place to hang your race photos? Check out these easy to use, ready to hang, modern frames from RACER! Each race and event has a unique story behind it; the training, the sweat, the GU, the tears and more! By framing it, it becomes a treasured keepsake for your hard earned accomplishment! Since I packed my recent bib from the Long Beach 5k away in a scrapbook late Dec at my parent’s (far away), I opted to test the frame for its photo holding abilities!


Once I received the frames, I noticed that they were nice and large! It easily accommodated a photo the size of a sheet of paper (8.5″ x 11″), so I uploaded photos from the Long Beach 5k to the online Costco photo center, ordered large sizes, and picked them up the next day! Once I had the race picts, I was ready to start using the frames! The nice thing is that they were packed very well: paper cushion and individually wrapped in thin foam cases.  AND the plastic frame came with a removeable sheet of plastic over it to prevent scratching during travel!

IMG_3764 IMG_3763

If you are new to using them (like me!), the RACER frames also came with instructions; you just ‘lift’ the frame by grabbing the sides and gently pulling upward. At first I was worried I would somehow break the plastic frame and after pulling way too gently, I decided to add just a tad more effort and it came off without a hitch! For race bibs it says to tape them to the back, but I didn’t want the adhesive to ruin the photos, so I just stuck the photos in each frame. And then I did a jump test with them. They passed! Nothing fell out the bottom of the ones with horizontal photos! If you are worried though, use them vertically with large photos since they have some ‘support’ from the snap enclosures on the top/bottom, meaning they would not fall if you put them in that way. Once you’ve got the photo or bib in there, they have a hole in the back ready for mounting! Just need a nail or hook and you are ready to go!

IMG_3790 IMG_3788

For me this race, the Long Beach 5k,  represents the Art of Racing since 1. I still participated in the event even after having to transfer my registration from half marathon to 5k due to my recent hamstring injury and 2. because I walked it with my two favorite ladies, my mom and my grandma! Sometimes you have to race smart, even if that means deferring or opting to transfer to a lower mileage event (if possible and offered). Three generations of women participaing in a race together, to me represents the Art of Racing and reinforces the idea that racing can be a family event 🙂 Lots of love, support and encouragement the whole way!

You can join in on the fun too! Use the 25% discount code: ARTOFRACING through the duration of the campaign, Feb 15-March 15 and every person who purchases a RACER Wall Frame online within that time with the code will be entered into a pool to win the grand prize of ONE FREE RACE ENTRY OF THEIR CHOOSING (not to exceed $200). HOW AWESOME is that!?!?!? And if you didn’t think it could get any better, they offer a 100% lifetime guarantee! Get one for your bib or race photo today!

Be sure to check out my follow up post next week on what I did with the remaining frames they sent in an effort to continue the “Art of Racing” theme!


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