No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 2

In an effort to increase my upper body strength, I opted to join a challenge one of my blends Jen at Wine to Weightlifting (and her collaborators) created called the No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge! It runs from February 4 – March 11 with weekly check-ins & prizes and is based on the 100 pushup challenge app workout guide!


How did Week 2 go? Well I’m kind of making a schedule up for my body as I go along, last week I basically did Week 1 Day 1 for all three days of the week (cuz I didn’t read the rest of the Week 1 printout, oops), so this week I’m doing Week 1 Day 2 for all three days of the week. Why? Because doing correct chaturanga pushups multiple times with good technique, IS HARD! Check out my Yoga Technique Workshop post to read more about the ins/outs of doing chaturanga and up-dog transition correctly. Also, having looked further at the ‘progression’ of pushups, I’m not sure I can ‘advance’ that quickly by applying this to the yoga chaturanga. Hopefully its ok I’ve decided to tweak this challenge to meet my yoga needs! Really its great to have this challenge since I need to practice these yoga poses and having this keep me accountable is a great inspiration to keep going!

Week 2: Again Week 1 Column 2 workout Day 2 (see website) have 5 sets of pushups you do 3 times a week with a 60 second break in between each set.  Here are my daily totals:

  • Monday: 30 chaturangas
  • Wednesday: 30 chaturangas
  • Friday: 32 chaturangas

Be sure to check back next week for another progress update! If you want to see Week 1 click here.

If you are participating in this pushup challenge, how’s it going? 


8 thoughts on “No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 2

    • Thanks! And in this photo I could actually tuck my elbows just a tad farther in. I just realized I snapped the photo from the movie during the first part of the up dog transition (flipping feet over and moving forward). One tip you might try is aiming to have your elbows hit your upper hip bones 🙂 I always have to remind myself!

    • The best suggestion is reading my Yoga Technique post and looking at my teacher with those moment by moment poses. Also going to a yoga class and talking to the teacher about form after would prob be the best solution 🙂

    • yep (sort of). Since they are much harder, I’m scaling it down to what I can do three times a week. And that seems to be about 30. Rather than trying to do 100, my goal is to be more proficient since practice makes perfect!

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