1920s Murder Mystery Party

This last weekend I was invited to attend the Atlantic City Conference, but was appalled to find an exuberance of illegal activity (such as bootleg) as well as the fact that one of them was actually murdered during the event! As a government official (I am the first lady governor of Wyoming you know), I made sure to write up my findings to send in an official report to the federal authorities. This is the 1920s and we are at the height of prohibition after all…

But before I get to the contraband activity at hand, I feel it is my duty to describe in detail my experience at the event from start to finish. I was invited to the conference by Bessie O’Day (I ran into her while on political business in Atlantic City) and decided to attend since I didn’t have plans that night.  She said the purpose of the conference was to form something called “The Commission” in order to regulate the mob organizations from Atlantic City, New York and Chicago.  I am in support of cracking down on illegal activity, but little did I know, mobsters from the biggest families would arrive and create tension you could cut with a spoon. 

Once I arrived, I was annoyed to find my name spelled incorrectly, “Nellie Taylor Rose”, but I guess that’s what happens when I attend a conference at the last minute with mobsters running rampant…. Anyway, I learned that the host of this ‘conference’ was Nuggy Jones, apparenlty a ruthless leader of the Atlantic City Mob (and a former sherriff). Rumor had it, he was under federal investigation for tax evasion…(for shame)


Some of the people I had the pleasure to meet included: Chanel Cocoa, a poor orphan girl who learned to sew by hand and who later made it to the Paris runways with her fashions; Fay Stingray, a novelist who exposed the illegal actions of one of the mob families; and Mable Sapone, a silent film actress struggling to continue her Hollywood career since her husband Hal does not support her independence.  There were also some very, um, handsome ladies in attendance that night: L: Jackie “The Legs” Harris (my nickname for her was Jackie the hairy legs, shhh). Top R: Emma Solitare & boyfriend Johnny “the Fox” Torrion.


Once I finished making my rounds of conversation, it became quite clear there were actual crime bosses at the event, and to make matters worse, rival crime bosses at that. As a newly appointed polititian, it is my duty to continue fighting for the issues my late husband (and former governer) so believed in, such as the avid support for the prohibition movement. With the present characters in attendance, I knew that I had to ‘lay low’ with my political views if I wanted to ‘keep my nose clean’ if you know what I mean. Furthermore, there were copious amounts of alcohol at the event! I was ready to leave the event right then and there, but unfortunately that’s when Johnny Torrion got ‘whacked’.

A local Atlantic City cop was at the event, so after the body was discovered in the women’s bathroom, we were all on ‘lockdown’ and forced to remain in the room. I was quite suspicious of everyone at the event since, well nearly everyone was in the mob or associated with it somehow! One suspicious event I noted was the very public break up of Emma and Johnny only minutes before his murder. She was leaving him for Nuggy Jones since he promised to treat her better and allow her more freedom as a woman. This was a common thread of opinion amongst the women in attendance I did note (within the mob or otherwise).  It was later revealed (or rumored) that Johnny had syphilis, some speculated Emma was the vector between Nuggy and Johnny….so scandalous!

There were others in attendance that also had ‘beef’ (oh lord I am speaking like them now) with Johnny since he had apparently ‘whacked’ various family members from the party, his faction would go to another in case of his death, his mistreatment of women….he was not a well liked individual.  All of these people that had a grievance with him, I believe had some sort of motive, but it was hard to pinpoint down one person entirely in my point of view.  Each of us had to give testimony about our whereabouts and alibis toward the end of the event.  For the authorities currently reading this, please make sure to read the copy of the full list of attendees, since all of them (with exception of myself of course) partook in the consumption of alcohol.  It is not important for me to reveal the murderer, since those are now official records that can be obtained from the local authorities in Atlantic City.

-Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross


A recap from the perspective of myself (pros/cons) of this type of party will be posted Friday.


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