RACER Wall Frame Gifts

Recently I was asked to participate in the “Art of Racing” campaign held by the premier source of ready-to-hang wall frames designed specifically for race bibs and photos, the RACER Wall Frame!  Last week, I did a review of the RACER frames and this week I’m going to show you what I did with 2 of the others!


My mom, grandmother and I do three way calling walks, so we can ‘walk’ together even though we are separated by tens to hundreds of miles.  We use bluetooth of course since it would be difficult to hold a phone to your ear and walk miles at a time 🙂 Anyway, when I first wanted to do the Long Beach Half Marathon, I encouraged my mom and grandma to sign up for the Long Beach Forrest Gump 5k that same day so we would all do the event together.  But when faced with the hamstring strain, I was forced to either withdraw from the event completely or transfer my registration to the 5k. As bummed as I was, I was still happy to walk this race with my female family members since I knew we would still have a great time together. And the photo I chose is of the three of us; youngest to oldest, all wearing sunglasses and hats (pure coincidence!).  To me, the art of racing represents family, attending a race is something that the entire family can participate in and/or cheer from the sidelines 🙂

The frames came during the Monday of Valentine’s Day week, so I quickly ordered the large prints from Costco (8×10) and decided to share the love by sending each of them a frame with pict of the three of us at the event!  I left the protective plastic on the frame cover, reused the foam covers, and shipped it to them in the same box it came in! My grandma visits my mom alot, so it was easy just to send everything to her 🙂 P.S. if you are wondering what that pink thing is, its a doggie raincoat for my mom’s dog.  I have a similar one for Chloe that I let Rocket wear when it was raining (during my visit) and it worked well for her!


My mom thinks they look neat because the shape isn’t just a regular square; the curved modern lines look fluid and give it a unique appearance. My grandma hasn’t been over to pick her’s up yet, so she has no idea unless she’s reading my post right now 🙂 and will be surprised to read that one is waiting for her too! Below are pictures of Rocket (L) and Chloe (R) in their snazzy fleece lined rain coats! They don’t seem to be super excited…but I assure you, Chloe loves hers (well she pretty much likes anything that goes over her head since I walk her in a harness, so since harness=walk=happy, anything that goes on sort of like a harness=happy).

IMG_3874 IMG_1399

Remember, you can join in on the fun too! Use the 25% discount code: ARTOFRACING through the duration of the campaign, Feb 15-March 15 and every person who purchases a RACER Wall Frame online within that time with the code will be entered into a pool to win the grand prize of ONE FREE RACE ENTRY OF THEIR CHOOSING (not to exceed $200). HOW AWESOME is that!?!?!? And if you didn’t think it could get any better, they offer a 100% lifetime guarantee! Get one for your bib or race photo today!

Have you tried a RACER frame? Have you ever framed a bib or race photo?


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