No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 3

In an effort to increase my upper body strength, I opted to join a challenge one of my blends Jen at Wine to Weightlifting (and her collaborators) created called the No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge! It runs from February 4 – March 11 with weekly check-ins & prizes and is based on the 100 pushup challenge app workout guide!


How did Week 3 go? I’m pretty much stagnant at the max I can do right now without going to my knees, so I opted to repeat last week again (with a slightly different schedule since I got super busy early last week and forgot, oops) But I made up for it by doing them Sunday instead! I did incorporate more up-dogs (the transition is hard) because last week I only did maybe 5 up-dogs per training day.  It is a very small undulation to go from chaturanga to up-dog, but you have to HOLD yourself during that 3 second ish-transition ‘hovering’ over the floor.  And you need to make sure you keep your lower back protected by keeping it tucked (no over arching), while you rise into the pose. Check out my Yoga Technique Workshop post to read more about the ins/outs of doing chaturanga and up-dog transition correctly. I am still working on my upper-mid back flexibility, so my up-dog is still a ‘work in progress’.

Week 3: Again Week 1 Column 2 workout Day 2 (see website), but I added more up-dogs (still kind of like a pushup in a different way):

  • Wednesday: 30 chaturangas + 10 up-dogs
  • Friday: 1hr Flow yoga class (LOTS of both)
  • Sunday: 30 chaturangas +10 up-dogs

Be sure to check back next week for another progress update! If you want to see Week 1 click here or Week 2 click here.

If you are participating in this pushup challenge, how’s it going? 


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