Cascadian Farm is celebrating Simplicity!

As a blogger friend of Cascadian Farm, I get to join in on new campaigns and taste new products! Last week I received the Simplicity Box; a package containing 2 new flavors of granola bars Crunchy Oats & Honey and Crunchy Peanut Butter! They are made with 9 or fewer organic ingredients and in order to celebrate the idea of simple ingredients, they included several items from their brand friends! Thank you Cascadian Farm, you ROCK!!!!


Been a little overwhelmed by school stuff lately and this package came unexpectedly (last time they emailed us ahead of time)! TOTALLY made my day! As a graduate student, ALL of these items will come in handy! I’m so excited I don’t know where to start!

IMG_3867Ok well how about I start with the Cascadian Farm Crunchy bars 🙂 : I had the pleasure of testing the Oats & Honey bars in my last box, but this time I ALSO got a box of the peanut butter bars! These bars have a little ‘extra’, the top is slathered with a little peanut butter! So if you love peanut butter, these are amazing! Be sure to check out all their other bars like their called oats and cocoa (sounds delicious to me!). These are the perfect snack bars to take to the lab or yoga!

IMG_3872Bag and shirt: Got some extra swag! A HUGE canvas bag (which could easily fit all of these items inside!) as well as a super cute shirt (scroll to bottom to see me in the shirt 🙂 )I am a big fan of reuseable bags because I diligently bring them with me to the grocery store and I have a foldable one I keep in my purse for smaller shopping excursions 🙂

This one is large enough that I can use as a grocery bag or an art supply tote (if I’m working on something and need to transport it back/forth to different locations). Plus it has a super cute graphic of their farm brand logo!

IMG_3870Laptop Lunch Bento Lunch Box: A multi-compartment lunch box that can be used to create a variety of fun and healthy lunches! Perfect for kids AND adults (aka. me!). As a graduate student I’m always looking for convenience and this bento box is great for creating a snack pack to take to the lab! PLUS they are made in the USA, made from recycled matierals, contain NO phtalates, BPA, lead or PVC and are dishwasher safe (on top rack). And it came with a nutritional/lunch packing guide!

P.S. Use code simplybento to get 10% off your next purchase (valid until 5/2013)

IMG_3869Life Factory Glass Water Bottles: Ok, first of all LOVE THE TURQUOISE COLOR!!!!!! Plus it goes with my shirt 🙂 Anyway, this is another great lunch-related item, a glass bottle with protective silicone sleeve.  It has a wide cap that can be removed to put in ice cubes and the mouth part seals to prevent leaking. This particular model is the 16 oz version, but they have a variety of sizes for babies, kids and adults! These also containe NO phthalates or BPAs and are also dishwasher safe (top rack) even with the sleeve on! Plus by using glass, there is no leaching like you can get from some metal or plastic water bottles.

IMG_3863People Towels “B.Y.O Towels to save trees!”: This super cute hand towel (made with 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton) is reuseable and is meant to be used at home or on-the-go to reduce paper towel useage!  ANOTHER perfect addition to this lunch-pack since I always need a napkin or paper towel! These are made with eco-friendly dyes and by using these on a regular basis, you are sure to cut down on your carbon footprint! LOVE mine!!! I’m already looking to buy some of their other designs online (they have some ocean themed ones)! At only $6 each, buy few and save LOADS on paper towel costs! Or you choose your own 5-day supply and pay less per towel!

P.S. Save 10% on 2 or more towels with the code: ambassadorvzir8 at checkout!

IMG_3865Seventh Generation Dish Liquid: Again, how did they know I needed this? We are almost out of dish soap….how perfect! I’ve seen this brand before, but had never had the opportunity to try it out till now! This eco-friendly liquid contains only natural plant derived cleansers to cut grease and essential oils/botanicl extracts for their fragrances. This one happens to be fresh citrus and ginger and it smells AMAZING! Plus I like that they don’t use EDTA (which MANY shampoos, cleansers, body products contain) because any form of it is no bueno for the environment (it is not biodegradable). So I like that this liquid doesn’t contain it! Definitely going to keep using this brand in the future for sure!

IMG_3866Neutrogena Naturals: Going to sound like a broken record, but I was actually in need of more facial cleanser for my gym bag! I noticed it had salicylic acid and sometimes that can aggravate my sensitive skin, so I made sure to be wary of using it for the first time in case I had adverse affects. But I figured if it at least if it lived in my gym bag, it would only get used about 2x per week anyway, so I probably wouldn’t develop any long term redness or irritation (my skin can’t handle salicylic everyday). So far, I haven’t had any issues and I do feel like it does a good job of deep cleaning my pores 🙂 This product has not been tested on animals and contains 93% natural ingredients (I’m assuming the salicylic acid constitutes part of that 7%….)

20130227-060139.jpgP.S. I also received a handout from eMeals to join their blogger network! What is eMeals? eMeals provides over 30 different meal plan options based on your food style preference, family size and the current sales at selected grocery stores. If my application (or yours if you apply!) goes through, I will get a FREE year subscription to eMeals, special deals from eMeals & Partners, access to monthly contests and free blogger content!

Have you tried any of these products?

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Cascadian Farm, but all opinions expressed are my own.


9 thoughts on “Cascadian Farm is celebrating Simplicity!

  1. I hope that awesome package provided the perfect pick-you-up since you’ve been buried in school stuff! I love Cascadian Farms and Seventh Gen; it’s definitely stuff you can feel good about purchasing.

  2. Wow…you have a great deal going there…And…you are a totally awesome reviewer…makes me want to go out and get all of their products! Great Job!

  3. That stuff is awesome (thus the tweet you may have noticed). Totally jealous!

    My glass water bottle is one of my favorite things ever. At first I was terrified I would break it, but by now I’ve figured out it’s not quite as fragile as it looks :). And the water tastes SO much better (I think, anyway).

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