February Training Recap

TJIM! Thank goodness its March! Spring is near and so are my races! So how did February go? Well…I decided to get my knees looked at since I still had lingering issues even after my pes anserine bursistis healed (yay for small victories!). In short, I’m back in PT, but I’m ALLOWED to run!


What’s with PT?

During my pes anserine bursistis issue, I had a very tender pes anserine area as well as sore adductors (inner thighs).  But I also had some inner knee pain if I sat with my legs bent (aka sitting) for too long.  My chiro and I thought it was a byproduct of the pes anserine, but after I recovered from that late December, the inner knee issue still persisted. So I went to an orthopedic specialist again (early Feb) and he diagnosed me with patellofemoral syndrome, aka improper patellar knee tracking. Only thing, is that I have unusually ‘quiet’ knees for that diagnosis. No grinding, popping, knee giving away or locking. Just the aching issue if I sit down for too long, no pain during exercise. Also, I can’t do heros pose in yoga because I get weird pinching around my knees (like over-stretching, tight pain feeling).

My PT (same as for hamstring strain), said that the outer part of my knees are very tight (and a little around the lower IT area), which is pulling my kneecap weird and mimicking the patellofemoral syndrome.  I’m about to finish my third week in PT on Monday and then get re-evaluated to see if I should go for another 1-3 weeks.  What’s weird is that the specialist said I should go to PT for 4-6 weeks, but he only wrote an Rx for 3… I do feel like it is helping, but that I will likely need the full 6 weeks. My routine is similar to what I did for hamstring strain, we just have a few more exercises to focus on quad and VMO strengthening. I also have a new way to wear Rock Tape to help support my knee caps, so I can keep training.



I did take a week off from running during February when I made the decision to see the specialist because I didn’t know if it was ok to run or if I was making it worse (even though I only had symptoms with knees bent, if I kept knees straight when sitting on the couch, no issue). The specialist and my physical therapist said that if running really does not aggravate it and if I don’t get ‘soreness’ later in the day or the following day, I can still run.  Just as long as I stay below the threshold of pain. And in precaution, I have taken to adopting a run/walk routine again, run 4-5 min walk 30sec-1min and stretch as necessary. I’m not fast, but at least my current run/walk pace is a fairly consistent, 11:30 min/mile, even on my ‘longer’ runs, which are only 4 miles right now. Fortunately, this is still an acceptable pace for my half marathon in May (they require 13:50 min/mi pace) and even though I took a week and a half off essentially, I am still ‘on schedule’ for my 9 miler and half marathon.

I’ve been awesome about cross training this month, I got in 5 swims (I did two swims on my running ‘off’ week) in addition to my regular schedule:

  • Running mileage: 21.02 mi total this month (slow mileage increase/week).
  • Swimming mileage: 4.88 mi (yes I swim about a mile each time I go)
  • Yoga: once a week + #nomoregirlypushups challenge + workshop!
  • Strength Training: 2x/week (now incorporated into PT)
  • Stretching/Foam Rolling: every day. Sometimes 2x/day if I have time!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


9 thoughts on “February Training Recap

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay for being cleared to run!! Boooooooooo on the knee issue. 😦 I’m glad to read that you will go to PT longer then ‘prescribed’ if you need. When I was a senior in high school I tore my MCL (since you have knee issues, you know what that is) from running. It crushed me to be on crutches and in PT for so long even more so I let that stupid injury dictate my fitness life (i.e. scared to run) for so many years. Now that I’ve gotten back into running (sans injury, I might add) I can’t believe I wasted so much time being scared of an injury. You are so awesome to meet this problem head on and tackle it before it becomes an even bigger issue. 🙂

    • Thanks Gina 🙂 my doctor and PT are kind of stumped, but the outer part of my knees are tight, which is where my treatment is focused since I don’t have any ‘classic’ symptoms for some sort of tear or trauma. If it doesn’t clear up/have significant improvement after 6 weeks, the Dr said I might get an MRI. Hopefully a few more weeks will correct the issue though!

    • Many of my female peer athletes in high school had some sort of tear as a soccer player or knee surgery, Ive often wondered as a goalie how I managed to avoid that…

      Glad you are running again 🙂 I do understand the paranoia and fear for sure!

  2. So exciting that you can start to refocus on running!!! And even better that you are mixing it up with other activities. I cannot wait to hear more about your training! You must be so happy!! 🙂

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