No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 4

In an effort to increase my upper body strength, I opted to join a challenge one of my blends Jen at Wine to Weightlifting (and her collaborators) created called the No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge! It runs from February 4 – March 11 with weekly check-ins & prizes and is based on the 100 pushup challenge app workout guide!


How did Week 4 go? My left wrist has been acting up lately, so I’ve scaled back to prevent undue strain on it (I see my chiro today and he will do some graston scraping and ART work on it, which has helped in the past).  I have fairly delicate and ‘loose’ wrists, so I need to start doing my regular wrist strengthening exercises with the Theraband resistance rod I have.  I had this issue last January, with chiro and strengthening, it went away. So, I just need to be a bit more meticulous about keeping my wrists happy 🙂 The picture above has nothing to do with the challenge per say, I do like to mix up my chaturangas once in a while though!

Week 4:  Here are my daily scaled back totals (no up dogs):

  • Tuesday: 15 chaturangas
  • Thursday: 15 chaturangas

Be sure to check back next week for the LAST progress update!

If you are participating in this pushup challenge, how’s it going? 


8 thoughts on “No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 4

  1. Hope the Chrio can help your wrist! I need to see mine too just to keep in line 😉 I am doing the challenge and it is going great! I did 57 yesterday and discovered last week that I need a day rest between using the application. My upper body is not used to it but it is going much better than I expected.

    • great job so far!!! I’ve modified the challenge to doing chaturangas and up dogs to help with my yoga practice, so I’m not doing as many, and like you I definitely need a break between training days!

    • Timer would be awesome! I actually take short videos of myself, play the video on my phone and then take a few screen shots. But I am getting a bluetooth remote for my phone (and tripod) so I can take photos and videos with the remote!

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