No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 5

In an effort to increase my upper body strength, I opted to join a challenge one of my blends Jen at Wine to Weightlifting (and her collaborators) created called the No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge! It runs from February 4 – March 11 with weekly check-ins & prizes and is based on the 100 pushup challenge app workout guide!


How did Week 5 go? My left wrist has still been ‘on the mend’, so I’ve kept the scaled back schedule to minimize the strain on it.  My chiro did do some graston scraping and ART work on it last, which made it super sore.  It wasn’t until the weekend that it started feeling back to normal.  Since this is the last week, I guess I have to do a recap on the experience! I started this challenge with the idea of progressing to performing 100 pushups, then modified it to work on upper body strength for yoga, so I’m glad the gals hosting said that was a perfectly acceptable alternative 🙂 Overall, it was great (apart from my own body wrist issue) and I’m definitely going to keep with regular chaturangas/updogs in my normal strength training workouts since I’m already in the habit of doing it more than just during my yoga class!  I’d like to give a huge thanks to Jen, Alex and Jacki for putting this together and getting all kinds of sponsors to give out prizes each week!!! You gals rock!

Week 4:  Here are my daily scaled back totals:

  • Wednesday: 15 chaturangas
  • Friday: 1hr flow yoga class (lots of chaturangas and up-dogs, plus arm balances)

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Thanks Alex, Jacki and Jen for making this challenge possible!


5 thoughts on “No More “Girly” Pushups Challenge: Week 5

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