Design Contests

Apart from exercising and being a sciency grad student, I LOVE to do art! Over the past couple years I have gotten the opportunity to enter in a few different design contests, which is great motivation to get my creative brain going! Check it out 🙂

Open House 2012

2012 Open House Lab Design Contest

Every year, we have a design contest for students, staff and faculty to enter and vote on the submitted designs to be that year’s Open House Tshirt.  The design you see above is what I entered the previous year, but hadn’t refined it in photoshop/illustrator.  My brother taught me how to scan my design and use those programs, so I entered the cleaner versions for 2012 and won! Yay!  It was very exciting to go down to the screen printer warehouse to pick out shirt ink colors, but I had to just cross my fingers and hope the ones I chose were close enough to my design (it turned out great though!)! I also won $100 and I decided to use that money to buy at cost shirts for my friends and family (for those that wanted shirts) so they wouldn’t have to buy them at full cost during Open House. Mostly I was just excited to see people wearing my shirt design around Open House  🙂 Made me smile every time I saw the shirt! P.S. two variations of the shirt were made, 1 for volunteers at the event and 2 for everyone else (no word volunteer at the top for those).

  • About the design: Look closely, do you see anything that might look like an animal? The purpose was to have the animals/organisms blend in with the entire image and make people look closer 🙂 Plus I tried to incorporate something from each lab (we have 8), to tie our facility together.


2013 Open House Lab Design Contest

Even though I won last year, I was on a deep sea life kick and wanted to do create a design for 2013 that would tie into the puppet show. Side note: we students write/put on a show for kids each Open House weekend to teach them about marine life! Last year I wrote a show/songs glorifying plankton and this year I reworked the 2010 deep sea show discussing bioluminescence & hydrothermal vents.  The premise of the show this year is that the audience would be in a submersible diving with the main character sperm whale (me!), hence the little porthole. So, I entered my design, but didn’t win this year.  I did come in close second with only a couple votes too few :/ At least we will have an AWESOME poster for the show! I made an alternate version of my design saying “Puppet Show Deep Sea Adventure” and plan on getting one printed from Kinkos to hang outside the room where we put on the show 🙂

  • About the design: The yellow fish is an angler (think finding nemo deep sea scene), the red animal is a euphausiid (kind of like a shrimp), and the blue stuff is bioluminescent fluid that some organisms like the euphausiid can spit out and use as a distraction to escape from a predator.  These characters will be in the show 🙂 Also, each rivet/bolt has a symbol from each lab, again to give the idea that as a marine lab there is diversity to what we study.  Also, don’t worry about missing out, I will be filming the show this year (~18 min) so you can watch my silly attempts at acting, singing and dancing 😛


2013 PeopleTowels “Grab a Towel and Eat Local”

Ever since I learned about the PeopleTowels brand, I’ve loved them more and more! Not only do they have a great product and promote environmentally friendliness, they offer design contests a couple times a year! Since I only found out about them last month, I found that the current contest entry deadline was March 17th! Fortunately I had a couple weeks to plan, create and refine a design, but I only just finished last weekend. Here is the contest headline: PeopleTowels and the Whole Foods Market Florida stores are joining up to bring you a new design contest. It’s all about eating local…local produce from local farmers. Healthy for you and the environment! Grab a PeopleTowel and show us your design creativity while inspiring millions to consider local as their food choices. Your design should be inspired by healthy eating from local farmers. It can be cool and sophisticated or irristibly cute. –PeopleTowels contest website.

  • About the design: While I considered going literal and showing a farm or produce, I decided to think more ‘outside the box’, artsy, since I do too much literal thinking as a scientist. So forgive me if I go way ‘out on a limb’ here (hehehehe).  First of all I love birds and listening to the chirping outside my window each morning, I think it was a subconscious decision to have them…anyway, if you think about it, local animals eat and forage locally. We could take a lesson from them and learn to eat more local produce.  Plus since it’s nearly spring, I chose to have some local birdies gathering together on a local blooming branch of a cherry tree 🙂 The flying bird has a little PeopleTowel in it’s mouth to be a good little birdie example to follow. Aannnddd you could even go so far as to say, if they live near a farm, they might even eat local farmers produce….(though I’m sure the farmers really don’t like that).   I decided to go for the ‘irristibly cute’ aspect and we find out sometimes mid-next week who the winners are 🙂

Do you like to do anything artsy or craftsy?


10 thoughts on “Design Contests

  1. I love your towel design! I totally get it too. When I think spring, I think about going to the farmers markets and flea markets again. And what do you hear early in the morning while you walk around? The birds singing! LOVE IT! Good luck!

  2. Your designs are beautiful, I especially like the 2012 Open House one with the “hidden” animals! You are definitely very talented…I seriously don’t have an artistic bone in my body!

    Good luck with the contest!

  3. I would soooooooooo buy that People Towel. Can we vote or do they decide on their own? I’m a huge dork when it comes to crafty stuff (LOVE scrapbooking) but I have zero artistic ability when it comes to painting/drawing/etc. I can envision what I want on the canvas but that is definitely NOT what comes out. lol

    • This particular contest is sponsored by Whole Foods and they are not opening it up to a general vote :/ BUT I did have a meeting with a cofounder of PeopleTowels, and she LOVED my design, so there is the possibility of modifying the text (if it doesn’t win) and having it printed anyway 🙂 I will let you know if/when that happens! Heck I’ll probably blog about it!

      P.S. I love scrapbooking too!!!! Michaels is a dangerous place for me to visit… I want to BUY the store!

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