To Run or Not to Run a Spontaneous Race…

Next week is spring break, so I’m heading home and contemplating a 5k/10k event that is nearby-ish next Saturday.


About the race series

Susan G. Komen fought breast cancer with her heart, body and soul. Throughout her diagnosis, treatments, and endless days in the hospital, she spent her time thinking of ways to make life better for other women battling breast cancer instead of worrying about her own situation. Moved by Susan’s compassion for others and commitment to making a difference, Nancy G. Brinker promised her sister that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer.

Though Susan lost her battle with the disease, her legacy lives on through the work of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the organization Nancy started in her honor. Komen for the Cure is the global leader of the breast cancer movement, having invested more than $1.9 billion since its inception in 1982. Komen’s promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. – Komen LA County Website

Decisions decisions…

So, whether or not I participate in this race depends on 2 things in this order 1. How my legs feel and 2. If I think I will be mentally/physically recovered from the drive.

Legs: This week I have PT Mon & Wed. My PT pushed me ALOT last Wed, so I was really achy Thurs, but I did do a 4.5mi run on Friday without issue during/after the run. To have the freshest legs, I will just do my usual swim+PT Mon & Wed, and go to Yin Yoga Thursday (rejuvenating yoga).  Plus stretch TWICE a day + foam roll in the evenings. I plan on run/walking since 6 miles will be the longest distance I’ve done in almost a year. If you count my short walk warm ups before/cool downs after my runs with my dog, I’ve been doing 5.5 mi total twice a week for the last month. As long as I keep listening to my body, I shouldn’t have any issues. FYI I’m not looking to PR, just participate in an event supporting a great cause 🙂

Drive: I said yes to giving a tour this Friday, which was originally from 1-2pm, but got changed to 3:30-4:30pm.  If nobody can cover for me, I’ll have to wait till 4:30 to start my 6hr drive back down to LA. Ideally I’d like to leave early Friday morning, so I can feel relaxed, go to bed early…since I will have to wake up around 5:45, leave by 6 and drive about 25 min to the event. Fortunately there shouldn’t be traffic Sat morning, so I should get to the EXPO about the time it opens.  If I can’t get someone to cover, I’ll probably walk straight from the car into bed and leave my pre-packed race bag in my car overnight.


  1. Register for 5k (for only $5 more, I’d rather do 10k)
  2. Register for “sleep in for the cure”, just contribute $$ and run on my own time

Concluding Thoughts

If I can get my tour covered, I’ll have one less potential factor to deal with, tiredness. If my legs have recovered from PT strength training & graston scraping, I will be good to go for sure.   If I can’t get my tour covered and I’m not feeling normal by Friday morning, I might just make a donation and run on my own. I’ll make my official decision Friday morning.

I’ll let you all know Friday!


10 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run a Spontaneous Race…

  1. I know I’m totally biased, but I say go for it. It’s a great cause and nothing says that you have to race it. You can take it as easy as you want to plus nothing beats the race environment. (Although, it is cool that they give you the option to ‘sleep in for the cure’.) Good luck deciding, Nicole!

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