Decision for Weekend Race

Drum roll please…


It’s official, I’ve decided to do the Susan Komen Race for the Cure event Saturday morning at Dodger Stadium! I will be participating in the inaugural 10k called the ‘Double Down’. In 2004 I ran the Revlon 5k for Breast Cancer and I am honored to participate in another race for the same great cause.  A good family friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor and I will be writing her name on my bib 🙂  I also decided to donate an extra $10 (on top of registration fee) because its such a good cause. If you are interested in making a small donation, click here to visit my fundraising page.

Today my legs feel good, so hopefully 1 week off running is not a big deal. Keep in mind I have been to 2 PT sessions (strength training), swimming and yoga this week.  Anyway, I have limited time tomorrow (Friday) before I leave for LA, so I packed EVERYTHING yesterday, trying to take bare minimum, but not forgetting the important stuff (especially for my fuel pack): emergency Rock Tape strips, small biofreeze packet, inhaler, sunscreen stick, chapstick (hm might be redundant…might put chapstick in bag to lessen fullness in fuel belt), huma energy gel (thanks Gina!), optional water bottle attachment, & GoSport ID. The ‘course’ is two times around Elysian Park, so it should be pretty! Fingers crossed the weather stays below 70! As of yesterday the high was predicted as 68, lets hope it stays that way because it will be perfect!

IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4018

Game Plan

  • (Wed) Pack fuel belt (see above) & run bag (see below), pre-program Garmin
  • (Fri) Drive to LA, fill up on gas, lay out clothes, sleep early.
  • (Sat) Wake up 5:45, eat breakfast, fill water bottle, let Chloe out to pee.
  • Leave by 6:15 (use Garmin), get to stadium ~6:45am (hope for easy parking, at least its free)
  • Pick up bib & chip
  • Locate restrooms
  • Spend at least 30 min warming up/stretching
  • Find a way to kill extra time till 8:45am start time.
  • Run/walk 6.2 miles. Smiling is required 🙂

IMG_4052 IMG_4055 IMG_4054

Post Race

  • Pat myself on the back!
  • STRETCHING & ROLLING WITH THE STICK (will be in car with race bag)
  • Head to brother’s new apartment (~couple mi away), say hi, use his shower & grab lunch together.
  • Go back home to snuggle Chloe and take a nap (walk together in evening).
  • Do a race recap at some point!

Do you have a loved one that has been affected by breast caner?

If you like, I’d be honored to write their name on my bib along with my family friend.

Just leave a comment with their name below.

Have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Decision for Weekend Race

  1. Haha, I ALWAYS put chapstick in my running belt! My lips are always chapped and I forgot it one race and I was totally miserable! I finally thought to stop at an aid station and ask if they had vaseline or anything I could use! Good Luck and have fun!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Super excited for you, Nicole!! You’re going to have an amazing time. Just enjoy the scenery and try not to get caught up in the excitement (that’s always hard for me). Thank you again for your sweet gesture of putting my stepmom’s name on your bib; I can’t wait to see pictures!! xoxoxo

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