Big Sur 9 miler thoughts

So today’s post was originally intended for another subject entirely, but in light of recent events, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Boston and my upcoming race.

The Big Sur International Marathon has an event called “Boston 2 Big Sur”, a challenge for elite athletes to run Boston and then tackle the grueling marathon course of Big Sur two weeks later.  While I am only participating in the 9 miler (starts/finishes in Marathon Village), I plan to stay longer to support marathon finishers after I complete my race. For me, it is so important to support the rest of my running community at this time and especially  those that have traveled here from Boston.  It is sad to think that there are people in this world who have targeted and tainted so many sacred places and events; places for education, places for competition and places for community.

Some may warn against running events, but I ask you this: Will you stop going to school? Will you stop riding airplanes? Will you stop attending community events in fear of the worst? When we stop, they win.

And while our lives and perceptions of society are irrevocably changed by each tragic event that occurs, we will keep going. This too shall pass.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Boston.

Much Love,

   A Fellow Runner


4 thoughts on “Big Sur 9 miler thoughts

  1. I love this, Nicole. I have been intentionally not reading blog posts about Boston but I’m glad I read yours. I can only handle so much sadness and I wanted to process my own feelings before I read about others.

    I love that you are going to stay and volunteer after you run the 9 miler. I know it means so much to all the runners, especially the ones who ran Boston, for you to be there smiling at them, cheering them on, high fiving them. I have a feeling the spectators will come out in droves to cheer on the Big Sur runners and show their support of them; their support of America. Big hugs to you! (PS – Boston and Big Sur are both on my dream race list; but not back-to-back.)

    • Aww thanks Gina 🙂 When I was telling a non-runner friend yesterday more about stories (which you also wrote about) from twitter, online etc… I started to get choked up, so I do understand. Verbalizing it makes it so much more real.

      Getting ready to make my Boston bib tonight to run in the morning! Hopefully my legs aren’t too tired from my strength training today…

  2. What a horrible tragic event, but seeing everyone wearing their race shirts to work and going out running makes me realize how amazing this running community is – we will pray for Boston, but we won’t stop running! Love that you are staying to support too!

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