Big Sur 9 Miler Expo & GIVEAWAY

Hard to believe that tomorrow I will be running 9 miles in Carmel/Pt. Lobos! On Friday I went to the expo and got there just before they opened. Even though there was a line, once they opened the doors to the conference center it was smooth sailing to my bib…


The Big Sur Marathon Expo had a QR code for looking up bib numbers.  Being tech savvy, I used my smart phone app to look up my bib number, while walking up to the second floor, and showed it to the 9 miler bib stand (almost no line).  The guy commented that he likes people like me, ready to with my phone and bib number since the person in front of me didnt have their number, whomp whomp…

Then I had to head back down stairs to pick up my shirt and explore the rest of the expo.  This was smaller than the Long Beach expo and there weren’t any free food items.  I picked up a free cocoa butter chapstick, sampled a new (for me) nuun hydration flavor and bought a pack of organic gummy Cherry Blossom Honey Stinger Chews for after the race.  I don’t want to try anything new during the race, but I’m down to eat yummy gummies post race!


The ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT of my visit to the expo was the Sweaty Bands booth! I did a once around initially, told one of the ladies at Sweaty Bands (later would find out her name was Sarah) that I had about 10 sweaty bands already and should walk away immediately.  On my second go round, I noticed a ‘clearance’ rack of sweaty bands and just HAD to take a gander.  I mean I did have some cash in my purse….

So I chatted with Sarah and Allison (hopefully that is the right spelling of her name!) for a bit, telling them how much I LOVE SWEATY BANDS, how I blog (see my review here), tweet and instagram about their headbands. Right after, I asked them if they would be ok posing for a pic with some Boston Strong headbands for my blog (which they did).  Then Sarah told me that they usually send bloggers a head band to ‘try out’ and an extra one to do a giveaway with and offered to have me walk away with a couple on the spot if I blogged about it! I said YES OF COURSE I’D LOVE TO!


IMG_4302It took me about 20 minutes to decide on the headbands because 1. I was overwhelmed by all the cute Sweaty Bands and 2.  Sarah and I were chatting up a storm!  They both came from Sweaty Bands HQ in Ohio just for the event! Turned out that Sarah was doing the 9 miler too! Overall, I really had a wonderful time chatting with Sarah about everything from running to yoga to the new slick headbands and I hope I ‘run’ into her (but not knock her over type of thing) during the 9 miler 🙂 ) P.S. first time she saw me she thought I worked there since I was wearing a bright pink shirt and black pants like them.

I noticed the Boston Strong headbands and wanted 2; one to wear to the race and one to giveaway/giveback to someone who’s helped Boston in some way.  Sarah told me that all proceeds go to The One Fund Boston, Inc. to  help the victims of the tragedy at the 2013 Boston Marathon, so I purchased a Boston Strong and chose a different free one for myself.

After the expo I did an official count, with the 2 new ones acquired today I am up to a total of 10 (including the one on my head)! BUT I have been given a couple as gifts and won one from a giveaway…Anyway,  I seriously wear them all the time to yoga, I wore them to puppet show practices, wore my sparkly gray one as part of my puppet show performance costume last weekend and I love wearing my reflective smiley on early morning runs. For more posts about the Sweaty Bands, check out: Sweaty Bands Bonanza and New Year New Gear Gift Exchange.


Giveaway Time: Good news for you folks is that I am giving the other Boston headband away to a reader who has given back to Boston in some way! This giveaway will be different than my usual  multiple entry rafflecopter widget since I really just want to focus on the stories you have to share. Whether you have donated to The One Fund, gave runners a warm place to stay after the race, went on a run in honor of Boston, donated blood, etc… tell me below.


Then enter my rafflecopter widget on my FB page (link below)

+1 entry Tweet “I helped Boston by (insert gesture here) and I’d be proud to wear a Boston Strong SweatyBands from @mast2mar  #bostonstrong

Click here to enter my Rafflecopter widget.

Contest Ends May 4, 2013 at 12 am PST, must be 18 or older, open to US RESIDENTS ONLY  (I pay for shipping). Winner will be notified via email a day or two after the conclusion of the giveaway. I received a complimentary headband, but I’m already in love with the product so all opinions expressed are my own.

My sign to wave for marathon finishers after my 9 mile race on Sunday.



20 thoughts on “Big Sur 9 Miler Expo & GIVEAWAY

  1. Every time I run, I run for Boston…….and I have donated financially as well. I’m doing the Big Sur 9 miler tomorrow too!!!! Hope to see you there!! 🙂

  2. How awesome, Nicole!! I just got my first Sweaty Band this week an I’m super pumped to try it. I looooooooove the poster you made, it’s going get lots of people through some very tough parts of the run. ❤ Oh, and I support Boston in so many ways but my favorite is by running for them. I hope you have a blast tomorrow, I cannot wait to read the recap!

  3. I ran 6.2 miles the day after Boston for those who didn’t get a chance to run those last miles of the marathon. I also bought a Raw Threads Boston Wicked Strong shirt, of which 100% of the proceeds go to the One Fund Boston. I cannot wait to get it!

  4. I went on a 4:09 mile the day after the bombings (representative of the 4:09 time on the clock) and purchased a few items that 100% of the proceeds go to the One Fun Boston (47 Brand Boston Strong hat and NYRR I Run for Boston shirt).

  5. I ran 4.09 miles the day after the bombing. I’ve also bought way too many shirts supporting the One Fund. My favorite has to be the one I got from Life is Good. It says ‘Nothing is stronger than Love’ on the back. I have several Sweaty Bands. Even the blue and white flowered one on your picture.

  6. I have been injured so I can’t run tight now and I don’t have money to donate but I did have one thing I can give to those in Boston. I have prayed for everyone affected!

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