Big Sur 9 Miler 2013 Race Recap: Part 2

After my race, I headed to my car to put on my bright green compression socks, stretch, and grab my “UNITED We Stand: Boston 2 Big Sur” sign to wave at finishing marathoners.  Little did I know the press would love it!


I found a nice, semi-open spot just past the finish line to cheer incoming Boston 2 Big Sur challenge runners and to hopefully spot my fellow graduate students finishing the marathon relay, team “Poseidon’s Fury”. Yep, we are all marine science nerds. Anyway, I spotted one relay participant, the fiance of one of my peers (hard to miss being so tall) and he said the last leg teammate/my friend was at mile 22 waiting for the leg 4 runner.  At first I was confused because he was the first leg of the race, but apparently he decided to run the entire thing! And he came in at 3:14 WOW! Apparently he didn’t want to wait for the busses to take him to the finish line after the race and decided he could run to the end instead.

Just after he and his fiance reunited and left to grab some food, I texted my friend at mile 22 and she said she was just about ready to run.  I figured I would wait for another 45 minutes or so with my sign, smiling at the many Boston 2 Big Sur runners crossing the finish line (no voice from cold) when a few spectators asked for me to pose for some pictures with my sign.  Then a guy from KSBW, a local news station, snapped a picture with his phone and said “this is going on our website”. We chatted a bit about my sign and then he headed back to his news van.  Within another 10 minutes a journalist from the Monterey Herald/Santa Cruz Sentinel did a short voice recorded interview with me to quote me in the article he was writing about the marathon.

IMG_4359Nicole, a local graduate student held a sign just beyond the finish line reading, “United We Stand: Boston 2 Big Sur.”

“Even though I’ve never been to Boston, and even though I’ve never run a marathon, I wanted to do something today to give back to the running community in some way,” said Nicole, who ran in the Big Sur’s nine-miler wearing a “Boston Strong” headband. “I got sick about a week ago and wasn’t sure I’d be able to run, but I made this sign because I knew I was going to be here, one way or another, to lend support.”

-Dennis Taylor from the Monterey Herald

AND THEN KSBW came back with a woman news reporter Amy to do a short interview about why I had the sign. I basically told her that the Boston tragedy and the response of the community resonated with me as a runner, even though I was on the opposite coast. Plus, since I had already signed up for the 9 miler, knew BSIM had the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge and that this event would be the first “BIG” race since Boston, it would a great opportunity to show my support.  And as a side note: it was really great to see lots of people sporting the blue and yellow colors, fellow runners and spectators.  I suppose as a runner and being in tune with the community/knowing about the Boston 2 Big Sur event it seemed obvious to make a sign and even though I got some press about it 🙂 I really hope the marathon and Boston 2 Big Sur finishers felt the support.

After all the attention I was worried I had somehow missed my friend! But fortunately I only had to wait another 15 minutes after the interview before I spotted her.  I yelled in excitement and told her I would meet her outside the food tent (you basically walk from finishers chute through the food tent to enter marathon village) and pretty soon we met up with some of the other relay teammates.

BS9miler_proofThe Recovery

Knock on wood, so far I’m not more sick, I’m still at that annoying end of a cold….a little bit of coughing in the morning/evening but feeling normal in the middle of the day.  My hip flexors, upper/outer quads and calves are a bit tight, but NO HAMSTRING OR KNEE ISSUES! Seriously my hammies aren’t even sore… Hopefully by Friday my cold will officially be over and my muscles fully recovered because I have a half marathon in 3 weeks! EEK! I ran about 7-8 miles of this race and finished strong with a sprint across the finish line.  Hopefully I can get in another couple long runs (~ 10 miles), so I feel confident in being able to do the half.  Fortunately the Capitola half is FLAT, so I won’t have to worry about the hills like in the 10k or 9 miler 🙂

P.S. And Open House puppet show stuff will be up later this week. Meant to do it last week, but I pretty much slept that week away trying to get better before the race. I do like that the photo says “PROOF” beacuse its proof I finished the race 🙂

If you missed part 1 of the recap (about the course/race) click here!


15 thoughts on “Big Sur 9 Miler 2013 Race Recap: Part 2

  1. Love the new spot on you! So much fun. And I’m so glad you didn’t miss your friend crossing the line, too.

    PS – Super cute finisher’s picture, Nicole! Way to showcase those guns. 🙂

  2. This is a great recap Nicole. I feel like I was running with you – great pictures too! In all it sounds like a perfect day 🙂

  3. That is too cool about the news story! Now you’re miss local celebrity! 😉
    Love the positive attitude you brought to the race and that is so awesome that you stuck around to cheer everyone else on show your support 🙂

    • I dunno! But it would be awesome right?!?! The cheapest thing would be the entry fee. ~$65/person if we have 5 people. $$$$ is transportation to Big Sur and hotel…wonder if there is an exercising grant to apply to with an award of $5000 or something. ~1000/person to do it would def cover plane and hotel costs….

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