Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over….have you made plans for celebrating Mother’s Day yet?

While I am far, far away off in a distant galaxy from my mom and grandmother I love sending each of them a card and calling them to send my love! And if I get a good deal, sometimes I’ll ship some flowers too 🙂 So, in celebrations of moms everywhere, peruse this post for some ideas and please leave a comment to post your own! P.S. not all of the ideas cost money, some just require time and a little effort 🙂



  • PeopleTowels: Special promotion going on for Mother’s Day, get 20% off your order of 2+ PeopleTowels with code: MOMS13 (case sensitive, ALL CAPS) now through the 12th! Order them today and have your towel ready for national Towel Day May 25th. Yes its a real thing in memory of the Douglas Adams series The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and famous quote “Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel“!
  • Pro Flowers: I’ve used them in the past and they are such a great company! For Mothers Day a couple years ago I used one of their codes (had something like 25% off order for small time frame) and I had them deliver it a couple days early. You might think, oh they should arrive ON Mother’s Day right? Well first of all your wallet will cry for the price of delivery and secondly Pro Flowers sends partially or unbloomed flowers in order to last the longest! Meaning….if you send them early, they have a couple days to acclimate, so they will be open and gorgeous by Mother’s Day! I ordered a lily bouquet and my mom said they lasted for nearly 2 weeks! If you are interested in some flowers (even if they are delivered after mothers day when prices drop they are still just as beautiful) click here check out their coupon index.


  • Photo Collage: For christmas one year, I bought a couple large collage frames on sale from Michaels (check out their current 40% off collage frames in their weekly ad). One frame had pictures of my brother through the years, the other of me through the years.  And then because it was such an awesome idea I made one for my grandmother too 🙂 If you don’t have any convenient photos around the house, I get photos printed pretty easily from Costco. If you are a member you can make an online account using your member number, upload photos, request sizes and pick them up in an hour! How great is that?!!? Kinkos has that option too for online upload and pick up, which I used for my Puppet Show poster. That said a digital frame works well too, I just love the actual ‘doing’ of the collage.

Good Times

  • Spa Day with Mom! Massage, facial, mani/pedi…need I go on?
  • Meals: When my brother and I were younger we used to make mom breakfast! Homemade meals are always a winner!
  • Helping: If you are handy or just have hands to help, help cleaning the attic (I’ve helped with gma), fixing things around the house, revamping a garden and/or any odd jobs that need to be done are greatly appreciated by moms!
  • Time: Just spending time with Mom is a gift in of itself walking, talking, baking, laughing, reminiscing….


Need more DIY ideas? Check out:

Share your ideas in the comments section!


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I always love your gift ideas since they contain discount codes. I’m a terrible daughter this year; I just realized earlier this week that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. *sigh*

  2. We get together for dinner with my husband’s family. We put a menu together and I do the grilling and bring a side, mom bakes and my SIL brings a side or two as well. The men eat the food and refill my drinks. We usually buy mom a potted plant for the patio and a card.

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