Fingers Crossed and Pawsitive Thoughts for Dog Surgery Today!

So Chloe had her yearly checkup last week and the vet said that the small, hard, lump on her remaining hind limb is suspicious (found it a couple months ago)…   Mind you she is 12 yrs old and has 3 lipomas, 2 little warts, and a skin tag, all benign, but this lump needs to be biopsied/removed to check for malignancy.  2.5 years ago she was diagnosed with a non excisable cancer (LARGE lump) that wouldn’t respond well to chemo or radiation, so ergo she lost a leg to provide an ‘instant cure’. However, dramatic solutions like that are no longer viable options. So lets keep hoping for benign!


Her yearly bloodwork/physical indicated that she is in otherwise excellent health for her age, which is really good news, so I just ask that from today and until I get the phone call about her lab results to please think pawsitive thoughts for Chloe! We are hoping for a trifecta of  1. surgery/anaesthesia goes well 2. recovery from procedure goes well (minus cone of shame) and 3. that the lab results indicate the lump is BENIGN or that any follow up treatments don’t require chemo or radiation.  As a personal decision, I wouldn’t want to put her through either of those last options considering all the little things we deal with on a daily basis like scary train noises, slippery floors, hob-a-long walks… so if faced with unfavorable results, I would want to make her as comfortable and as spoiled as possible.  Thank you and I’ll be nervously trying to do thesis work in a local coffee shop during her procedure/wake up sleepy time period.

I’ll be posting updates on twitter/facebook as they happen.

P.S. The lump is along the hairline of her upper back right leg (transition between outer leg and inner leg), is about the size of a large pea and is under the skin. Its not on muscle or connective tissue, so there is a good margin for excision.

Think happy dog thoughts for Chloe today! 


18 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed and Pawsitive Thoughts for Dog Surgery Today!

      • good so far! funny you message me right now since I’m working on a recap post to put up as soon as I find out biopsy results! Good timing!

        She is eating/pooping/acting normal, which are all good signs and she’s been good about not licking her stitches when I’m home and she is supervised. But I put it on when I have to leave or at night since I don’t want to take any chances! She’s actually more interested in licking her front leg shaved area where they put in the IV…silly girl! I do have to tell her to stop doing that when I catch her…

        Thanks for checking in Gina, I appreciate it! Keep fingers crossed the lump is benign!

      • Definitely keeping my fingers crossed the lump is benign!! So happy to hear that she’s doing well besides the licking. Why do animals do that? A few years ago Riley was really sick and actually licked herself so much she developed sores. Crazy animals. If they only knew the stress they caused their humans!

      • I know right?! Chloe did the same thing last year when she had a different procedure done (licking spot where IV went in) and created an open wound by doing so….which is why I’m not taking chances this time around!

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