Weekend Adventures

In celebration of Chloe’s good news, we had a couple adventures this weekend!


On Saturday, I went for a mile long swim and was planning to take Chloe for a mile long walk in our old stomping grounds, Schwan Lake Park (right next to pool), right after.  However, we only ended up going on a half mile walk since she got a weird bug in her butt, turned around and decided to walk back to the car (sometimes she does that, especially if there is a scary sound like a firework). But she did have lots of fun taking her time to smell all the ‘wonderful’ smells there are in the world, since I think she is getting a bit bored with our normal routine.

IMG_4445 IMG_4444

This morning, Chloe ‘helped’ me do laundry, so we went to the nearby sand dune path since it has packed dirt pathway which is easier on her body. We saw lots of bunnies cross our path (which Chloe proceeded to chase even though she would never be able to catch one), she stuck her nose down every hole possible, and had a good half hour walk that was exactly a mile!  Our everyday walks are maybe 0.6-0.75mi, but there’s really only two options (L or R) and Chloe gets bored so she walks slow. NOT today!  And I learned from last week when we went on the same walk +0.5 mi since she got pooped on the return about 0.25mi from the car.  Apparently that distance a bit too much for her these days!


IMG_4459_2 IMG_4447_2

Now that we are back home and Chloe is good and tired, I’m going to do some podcast yoga since ‘someone’ will be too tired to ‘help’!

How was your weekend?


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