PeopleTowels Scavenger Hunt FINAL Clue!

Welcome to Towel Day and the last day of the PeopleTowels scavenger hunt! To participate, just post a pic of your own relating to today’s clue “Towel Day event or celebration” on twitter and tag @PeopleTowels!  LAST chance to win a free towel! Also, use code TD13 to get 20% off your next order of 2+ towels!


“So long, and thanks for all the fish.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This giveaway is through PeopleTowels and they choose winners randomly each day. May 25th Towel Day event: Background image courtesy of Victor Habbick/ & image composed by yours truly at masters2marathons.


5 thoughts on “PeopleTowels Scavenger Hunt FINAL Clue!

  1. How fun! I got the e-mail last week (2 weeks ago??) from People Towels talking about the scavenger hunt but I haven’t participated in it at all; things have just been too chaotic. I hope you win a ton of them!!

    • Well I’m working for PeopleTowels now, so I came up with the idea of the scavenger hunt (and made the pictures for each day) 🙂 but only 2-3 people participated (including my grandma lol). I guess people didn’t want to win a boat load of free towels? I know you had lots of family stuff going on, but I’ll let you know when future fun stuff will happen!

      • That’s awesome you’re working for them – wooohooo!! I definitely wanted free towels but life got in the way these past two weeks. I feel slightly (very slightly) guilty about not blogging in a week but I needed to focus on family. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some more fun People Towel happenings!

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