The One Run For Boston: A 3000 mile relay in the making

Tomorrow marks the inaugural event of an inspirational race called The One Run for Boston.  This will be America’s first coast to coast, non-stop, relay race that starts on June 7th in So Cal’s city of Angels.  The One Run for Boston has an epic course that traverses  14 states before crossing the Boston finish line at the end of June, near where the marathon bombings occured.  It is sure to be a race of historical proportions.


How will the race work?

The race is split into approximately 300 segments, each spanning a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 26 miles, with each segment being run by an individual or group.  A baton is the official ‘pass off’ for each segment and contains a live GPS tracker that will allow us all to track its progress from LA to Boston.  Night and day these runners will cross the country and each runner is responsible for creating their own route to reach each segment destination and coordinating with the next runner at a meeting place to pass the baton.  There are still a few segments left to be filled in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio, but you can always look up a group stage near you and run too!

Who came up with the idea?

Would you believe if I told you a trio of Brits did? AMAZING! The agency, Boundless Pursuits, is known for holding events for good causes in order to raise money.  Kate Treleaven, one of the founders said, “We created One Run For Boston to give runners all across America a dynamic opportunity to come together and show support for Boston.”

Who’s sponsoring?

Proud to say ENERGYbits® is one of the sponsors!!!!! They are also providing ENERGYbits® samples to all the runners to keep them fueled during their segments. I am a huge supporter of ENERGYbits® since they are 100% organically grown spirulina algae, have LOTS of protein, vitamins, minerals and give you natural energy without the crash of caffine or sugar. You can always use my code Mast2Mar for 20% off any purchase of bits! Goodwear and Athletes for a Fit Planet are also sponsoring this amazing event!


How can you contribute?

Like I said, if you live near any of the segments, you can always sign up!  Check out this runner’s guide to answer any questions about the process.  Most of each entry fee goes toward helping victims of the Boston Marathon (The One Fund) and if enough sponsors cover costs, 100% of each entry fee will be donated. Plus you get a free shirt!  Even if you aren’t running, you can still donate to the event by clicking here or you can help by going out to cheer the runners as they pass by! You can find out when they will be running by visiting their Run tab.

The running community is pretty great don’t you think?


14 thoughts on “The One Run For Boston: A 3000 mile relay in the making

  1. Wow, this is seriously amazing, Nicole! I had no idea something like this is happening. I wish that I lived nearby (the closest state is 10 hours away) because I would adore running in it. I will definitely follow them since it started today.

      • I know right! I guess the marathon was a ‘shot heard round the world’ type thing 🙂 and our cousins across the pond wanted to do something for us. We americans are doing a face palm, like why didn’t any of us think of it first? I hope its an annual thing!

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