Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}

Today I’m highlighting my favorite product in the Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox (received complimentary for testing and review purposes), the Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}!

What is a BB cream?

Beauty Balm (BB) is an all in one moisturizer, foundation and sunblock cream that helps simplify your beauty regimen! The Olay Fresh Effects {BB cream} Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 is designed to offer six skincare benefits in one step:

Refreshes skin instantly
Brightens for a radiant glow
 Evens tone with a splash of sheer color
Hydrates for 24 hours
Smoothes for softer feeling skin
Protects against UV damage with SPF 15

Olay Fresh Effects Website.

Why I LOVE my new Olay Fresh Effects {BB cream}!

{BBcream} before and afterBlending: Being freckly and fair skinned, I wasn’t sure how well the ‘tint’ would blend into my skin since foundation can sometimes obsure my freckles in an unflattering way. However, this blends well and gives me a nice glow without affecting my lovely freckles! It does help tone down my naturally rosy cheeks too (yay!).

Moisturizing: I also LOVE that it actually moisturizes deep into my skin all day long!!!  Usually I purchase ‘deep moisturizers’ since they are the only ones that hydrate my skin. Other moisturizers and lotions just sit on top of my skin and I feel dry again within an hour.  It also has a nice light scent that doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin when I put it on or when I wash it off. When I wash off sunscreen with face wash, the chemicals interact and sting my face 😦

SPF: Well it is only 15 so it the box says to reapply every 2 hours if you will be in the sun, but I’d probably forego this if I were in the sun that long since I need SPF 30 or 45…plus it comes off if you sweat (even says on the box).

How Olay Fresh Effects {BB cream} could be even better!

  1. DARKER SHADE: Offer an additional darker tone since fair/light and light/medium probably don’t cover all skin shades. It could be called medium/dark or something fun like dark mocha! I’d be interested in clever names for all of them; e.g my fair/light could be named creamy vanilla!
  2. WATERPROOF. Nobody wants dripping tinted moisturizer staining clothes, hats etc…Even if you are just going on a casual walk outside or to any outdoor event that you want some makeup/foundation, you don’t  want to worry about it coming off if the weather is really warm.
  3. HIGHER SPF: If this were a combo waterproof and higher SPF, Fresh Effects {BB cream} would be the PERFECT product for days that you want to be active and still look cute (e.g. walking around, cruising around the beach…) That way you would be really protected from the sun and you wouldn’t have to worry about the tint running off your face in light sweat (you would still need to reapply after prolonged sun exposure though)! Suggestion for SPF: AT LEAST 30. Olay could even offer a a variety, all shades in regular SPF 15 and the same shades in SPF 30. That way people can choose the sun coverage they want.

Olay Fresh Effects {BB}creamOvearall: For the price (retail value $12.99) and versatility of this product (moisturizer, foundation and SPF) its great! It fits into my routine since I don’t have to choose whether to wear sunscreen or light moisturizer under my foundation! This offers a nice ‘all in one’ solution and fits my needs perfectly.

You can purchase this in two places, looking for a store that carries Olay Fresh Effects by checking their website or directly from Amazon.

Click to visit Olay Fresh Effects online. (it will tell you the retailers are P&G eStore, Soap.com, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS.com, and Amazon).

Click to visit Olay Fresh Effects on Amazon. ($10.45)

Would you ever try the Olay Fresh Effects {BB cream}?

Disclaimer: I recieved the Olay Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.


9 thoughts on “Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}

    • I’d never heard of BB cream until the voxbox, but I’m not surprised that its been around for a while with other companies (since I tend to be out of the loop most of the time on the latest beauty products). It will be interesting to try something different to see how it compares (like Garnier).

    • I haven’t had any problems with breakouts, but I am not breakout prone, so its hard to say. My skin tends to be on the normal to dry side, so I like that this is a bit thicker and creamier to satisfy my skin. But I read other reviews on Influenster and people who have oilier skin feel its too heavy. If I could send you a little dab of sample I would! Like one of those magazine samples where they put it in a little aluminum to peel up and try!

  1. I’ve been interested in BB cream for awhile now so I’m glad to know you like it! I didn’t realize that Oil of Olay made one so I will definitely have to look into them (my mom only used Oil of Olay when I was small). Great review, Nicole!

    • Yea I had NO idea what BB cream was before I got this sample! So far its worked well for me, but I’d be interested in trying out other brands after I use this up to see how it compares!

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