Hoppy 3 yr Ampuversary to Tripawd Chloe!

Today marks another milestone in my dog’s life! Three years ago today she had an amputation to cure her of a cancerous tumor (spindle cell sarcoma) and to celebrate, I created a little musical slideshow capturing her life over these years! Even at the ripe age of 12.5 she is still happy and healthy, with the exception of her arthritis starting to kick in a bit :/ Three cheers for three years as a three legged dog! Go Chloe!

Chloe’s favorite items (in order of appearance in the video):

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness: It’s so easy to get her in/out of the car with the ‘handle’!

Good and Bad Cuz Squeaker: The most obnoxious squeaker toy my dog loves to play with/fetch.

Thundershirt: Helps to calm Chloe (just a little) during scary noises (fireworks, thunder).

Everlasting Treat Ball: Chloe stays occupied for hours with this fun treat ball!

Treat Refills: I love to get Chloe the grain free treats!


7 thoughts on “Hoppy 3 yr Ampuversary to Tripawd Chloe!

  1. Nicole, I loved everything about this!! It must’ve taken you forever to do!!

    And it made me tear up a little! 😉 Sooo much love for your puppy!!!

    Happy Ampuvesary, Chloe!! Hope Momma gets you some special treats today! 😉

    • Thanks Jen! I started working on it last month, so wasn’t too much work to get done before her celebration 🙂 plus it’s a nice creative outlet!

      And yes I love working out to this song too!

  2. This is such a sweet tribute. Hoppy Ampuversary Cleo! While I was watching the video, I was thinking, “People must come across her tracks in the sand and wonder what kind of animal makes tracks like that!” LOL

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