Disneyland Half 2013: Costume Reveal, Final Thoughts & Live Updates

and its going to be …Minnie Mouse! I am going ‘retro’ with this one since my running gear makes up 75% of the costume. Tomorrow I’m running the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA so check back later for a race recap! In the meantime, click here to read about the Dumbo Debacle of the Run Disney EXPO.

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How do I plan on pulling this off?  Black short sleeved v-neck tee, pleated red spandex skirt (goodwill $3) over my booty shorts, my new red/white polka dot 13.1 Sweaty Bands and a minnie mouse ears/bow ensemble (goodwill $1). Pretty simple right (see below)? Plus my mom and I did an iFitness belt trade, her black one goes better with my outfit than my grey/pink one! Originally I was planning to wear black leggings and arm warmer sleeves, but we are in a humid heat wave down in So Cal, so its bare minimum for race day! Even at 5:30 am its supposed to be almost 70 and close to 90% humidity….

I figure if I can run in this, then I can run in a slightly more elaborate costume next time I do a Disney race, IF there is a next time (see Dumbo Debacle)! When I am done with grad school, have a real job and more time, I would LOVE to fly to Orlando and participate in the Disney Princess half marathon! It would be a tough choice between a Belle or Ariel costume (fave characters!)…

Disneyland Half Race Outfit

Still so proud of getting into Corral C! I thought the best I could do with proof of time was D!

Track my Run

If you follow me on Twitter (click here to visit my profile), you can track my progress since I signed up for auto tweet updates on my run! Or for a couple of you that are my Facebook friends, you can follow auto posts on my timeline.  There will be lots of pictures posted to instagram, my Masters2Marathons Facebook page and twitter account, so you can track the magic kingdom that way as well!!!  My mom and grandma will receive about 10 texts letting them know where I am on the course, which I was planning to do on my own, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that. The nice thing is that this feature was free to do online!

Final Thoughts

Tomorrow I’ll be going into the race knowing I’ve trained to the best of my ability considering everything I’ve overcome over the past year.  Just going to take it one mile at a time. My goal is to finish under 3 hours, but my dream goal is 2:30 since I’ll be run/walking. I’m guessing that I’ll likely finish somewhere between 2:30 and 2:45 (assuming no bad surprises happen)!  I’m nervous and excited for tomorrow!!! FINGERS CROSSED RACE DAY IS SMOOTH! Wish me luck, but not ‘break a leg’ because I probably would!…First half marathon about to happen, woot woot!

What is your favorite disney character?


6 thoughts on “Disneyland Half 2013: Costume Reveal, Final Thoughts & Live Updates

  1. Nicole, I’m so proud of you for getting to this race mentally and emotionally on top of physically!!

    You outfit is super cute and what great goodwill scores!!

    Have an amazing race tomorrow (as I will possibly still be sleeping..lol)!!!!

    Just have a fun time and cannot wait to read the progress!!!

    • Thanks so much Jen!!!! Just gotta make sure I get some sleep tonight cuz I know it will start to hit me before i go to bed and I need to be rested for tomorrow! Gotta get up at 3:30am and leave by 4 phew!

      Goodwill is totally awesome for everything costume related!!!!

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