Disneyland Half Marathon 2013: Training Recap

Instead of posting weekly training recaps, I figured it would save me time by doing one recap to cover the past few months.  Here’s how I trained for the Disneyland Half!

Disneyland Half Marathon 2: Disneyland

I’m pretty sure I left my Believe I Am training journal at the gym (to record strength training workouts) sometime in April/May because I have not been able to find it since. So sad!!!! Lately I’ve been using MapMyRun to record workouts, which shows me in nice pretty colors what activities I’ve completed and tracks all mileage (walking, running, swimming). You might notice that I don’t have a particularly regular schedule, since I gave myself additional time to recover (if needed).  Stretching and foam rolling everyday goes without saying 🙂

May/June: Took a couple weeks off in May since my right foot was a bit off from the Big Sur 9 miler. Toward the end of the month I started rebuilding my running base with low  mileage and regular crosstraining: gym strength training, yoga (sometimes MapMyRun calls it “Class”), biking (with my beach cruiser!), swimming (MapMyRun sometimes calls it “Indoor”) and dog walking. I cropped the last week of May (below) since mileage is calculated as part of the first week of June.

May 2013 June 2013

July: Increasing cross training and maintaining/slightly increasing running mileage.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 12.06.32 PM

August: Increasing running mileage and maintaining cross training. To me, this was my ‘make it or break it’ month since if ANYTHING bad happened injury-wise I’d have to forego the race.  So I took it one day at a time!

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 9.07.08 PM


Seconds AppFor training, I decided to adopt a run/walk routine: Walk 1 min, Run 5 min, Repeat!  Since I don’t run with a watch because my Polar still needs new batteries and I either have to send it in by mail ($75) or find a special place that will replace them with Polar Warranty, (not any near me!), I run with my phone. However, I don’t like having to check it all the time to know how long its been.

Solution? I downloaded a free interval timer called “Seconds: Free version” that tells me when to “Walk” and when to “Run”!  Since I’m too cheap to pay $5 for the app, I just create a new timer each time I go out (takes 1 min).  Once I start the timer I have it say “3, 2, 1, “‘WALK'” when I need to walk and do the same when I need to run.  I LOVE IT!!! Walking during runs helps my body recover and allows me to go farther with MUCH less aches/pain than if I were to run straight through.  Plus I dont have to stop to stretch since  my hip flexors are the usual achy spots and by taking longer walking strides, it does that for me!

What’s Next?

Well, finishing my Masters for one, but I do have a few things in mind.  On Oct 6th I’ll be doing my first sprint duathlon! Its part of the Mermaid Series events (all women) and this one doesn’t have a course time limit.  Its 1.5 mi run, 12 mi bike and 2.5 mi run to the finish. I don’t have a road bike or mountain bike, so I’ll be booking it on my 7-speed 8yr old beach cruiser! Part of it is along the coastline…  plus I can achieve about 15mph on straight aways with that thing!

As for the other things, maayyybee something in November and the others early next year! My mom and I will be walking the Tinkerbell Neverland 5k, I’ll be running the Tinkerbell 10k the next day and the following weekend she and I will be walking a local 10k! Phew! So that’s whats coming up!


10 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon 2013: Training Recap

    • I would say my bike is on the ‘junky’ side being so old, but its all I’ve got! Plus its not a competitive race (no course time limit and ‘winners’ get free training sessions or something), so I figure, why not?

  1. Thanks for sharing your training? I wonder sometimes how other people train for their races. Did you actually do everything in your calendar? 🙂 Did you miss any workout or were you consistent with your training plan?

    • The calendar is a record of what I did, so yes I did all of that as my training 🙂 I log my workouts with MapMyRun and I can view them online, which is what I took screen shots of and put on the post. Its a nice way to visualize all the various activities, especially since they do it for you.
      I had a training plan posted maybe a few months ago, but since I developed a foot issue after my Big Sur 9 miler race, I used that previous plan as a guide and listened to my body (which dictated what workouts I did when or if I swapped for a lower impact instead).

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