Quarter Century Birthday Recap!

So my birthday was last week, but I’ve been SUPER busy with training, thesis, work, fellowship application and life that I’m only now getting around to a recap of how I celebrated my quarter century birthday!


Call me crazy, but I woke up at 5:30am for my weekly duathlon training (too tired to do it Sunday). Before I headed out, my mom and grandma called me up to sing me Happy Birthday over the phone 🙂

Instagram_birthday13Once the sun came up, it was time for training:  run, bike, run. It was a beautiful morning for sure! Plus I rocked my early-birthday-present-to-myself rainbow cat print leggings (which Jen ‘loves’ so much based her comments, hahaha) just because I could!  After a nice long stretch sesh and a shower, I headed down to  Sand City’s outdoor mall area to do some birthday and costume shopping!

Got a cute pair of spandex booty shorts from Target (on sale for $10), but goodwill for costume inspiration was a bust 😦 I normally hit the one in Santa Cruz (opposite direction) which is much bigger. P.S. later that week I scored an awesome find and I’m almost done with my Halloween costume! More to come in October!

IMG_5216After shopping it was down to Carmel to get my FREE bundtlet  from Nothing Bundt Cakes! I only signed up for their email services a few weeks ago after I bought and redeemed a Groupon. Apparently they are JUST starting to do this free bundtlet on your birthday deal!  I showed them my email printout and ID, picked out a red velvet choco chip bundtlet and saved it for that evening!

It was getting close to lunchtime, so I stopped by Safeway grocery to pick up lunch for Chloe and I to eat on Carmel beach.  Loaded with a chair, lunch and beach stuff, Chloe and I walked to the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery for an hour or so. I took this opportunity to catch up on some Runners World reading.


Once home, I lounged a bit and in the evening, opened my cards and present from my housemate! Since my housemate was out of town working, I called my mom and grandma on conference to have them sing Happy Birthday again as I blew out the candles (as well as thank them for the cards/gifts they sent).  Then my next door neighbor hosuemate unexpectdly came over and took me out to dinner, which was very nice since my birthday was on a weekday and most of my closest friends were far away.  Overall I just took a day for myself, which was enjoyable, but its always nice to have a real person (other than Chloe) to spend a portion of it with!

Birthday_collage_2It felt like a weeklong celebration because a few days later my dad sent me a nice box of Peets tea and coffee goodies and Cascadian Farm sent me a box of their products as well! Thank you family, friends, blends and Cascadian Farm for making a milestone birthday a real treat! P.S. yes I did buy myself an entry to the Big Sur Half in Nov… I figure I might not have the opportunity to do it again for a long time and their medals have a cute little sea lion on them!

Next on the agenda, the Mermaid Duathlon in less than 2 weeks (Oct 6th)!


9 thoughts on “Quarter Century Birthday Recap!

  1. Looks like you had an amazing birthday!! Almost completely into adulthood now.. 😉

    That’s so neat for Mom and Grandma to sing to you even from so far away! And I totally believe in birthday weeks/birthday month.. just keep the celebrations going! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing way to celebrate your birthday 🙂 you deserve it with all the hard work you’ve been putting in with school and training! I don’t know how you managed to hold out on your cake. It sounds amazing! I would have devoured it shortly after picking it up. But having something to put candles in while your mom and grandmom sang to your made it extra special. Happy birthday again 🙂

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