Full Medal Runs: Virtual Races

Runners and walkers, check out this new up and coming virtual race program called Full Medal Runs (choose distance 5k, 10k, or half). You get an official bib to wear during your race and recieve a medal after the race completion deadline!

About Full Medal Runs (from website)

At Full Medal Runs our goal is to inspire you to get out there and get moving. Move at your own pace and pick your own route, all that matters is that you do it! … All of our events include a bib and medal celebrating your accomplishment. Our medals are uniquely designed for each race and are made to honor your achievement…We aspire to make a difference in this world and philanthropy is a part of our goals. Proceeds from each of our runs will be donated to a charity or charitable cause of our choice. Every run will display the charity you are helping prior to purchase. Please see our “Charities” link for more information.

Upcoming Races:

Plus sign up for 2 races and enter SAVE5 at checkout to save $5 (races are only ~$30 each anyway!).

  1. Back To School Educational Run: Race will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America and their “Back To School” campaign. Register and complete by 10/31/2013.
  2. Peace Run: Race will benefit the International Peace Institute. Register and complete by 11/30/2013
  3. Turkey Trot: Race will benefit Feeding America. Register and complete by 11/30/2013.
  4. Pink Ribbon: Race will benefit breast cancer research at American cancer society. Register and complete by 11/30/2013
  5. Black Friday Rush: Race will benefit “Toy’s For Tots”. Must register by 11/30/2013 and complete by 12/25/2013.
  6. Veterans Day: Race will benefit Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Must register by 11/11/2013 and complete by 11/30/2013.
  7. *NEW* Purple Princess Run: Race will benefit children’s cancer research. Must register by 10/30/2013 and complete by 11/30/2013.

How it works (from FAQ):

1) Register for events on their website by clicking on the “Shop” button on menu bar.  You will be redirected to a secured shopping cart page where you can shop the runs and merchanside (coming soon). Or you can register on their Facebook page.

2) Prior to each event start date, you will receive a personalized bib with your race number and your name to wear during your run.

3)  Run or walk the distance anytime between the start and end dates mentioned on each event.

4) Post on their Facebook page or send them a “tweet” with a picture of your time, date(s) and distance of race completion.  You can also email the same information if pictures are not your thing.

5) You will receive the official finisher’s medal pictured on the event for completing the run. These are gorgeous custom-made medals, measuring 2″ to 3″ across, along with a custom ribbon.  If you’d like to know more or have questions, please click the “Contact Us” link on the menu bar or email them at contact at fullmedalruns dot com.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I did not recieve any sort of compensation for writing this post.

Have you ever done a virtual run/walk?


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