Mermaid Series Sprint Duathlon Training Recap!

Hello everyone! FYI I will be competing in my my first ever duathlon on Sunday Oct. 6th! Here is more information about the Mermaid Series Tri/Du event and how I trained.


Before I ran my first half marathon, I was looking for events that would keep me motivated once I accomplished that huge goal (without necessarily having to do another half!).  And in perfect sync with my lifestyle, I learned that the Mermaid Series does an annual tri/du event in Capitola for women ONLY! This race is ideal for a duathlon newbie like me since 1. it’s all women, 2. no course time limit, 3. it’s close by, and 4. I can compete with my beach cruiser since they are flexible on bike styles!


PLUS they offer preparatory clinics for first time tri/du athletes as well! *cough* none of which I attended because it would mean another ~$40 and I had other plans arranged before I found out about the clinics.  Even though this cute graphic says ‘triathlon 101 and swim clinic’, its meant for both since you can still learn about the proper transitions, like bike to run. I do know how to properly rack my bike (though it will be awkward with my cruiser) and I don’t have to change shoes/clothing.

mermaid_apparelIf you females in California (San Diego or San Francisco) or Arizona (events offered in those places) need additional convincing, check out their cool loot! Participants recieve fitted performance shirts with an awesome design and finishers earn a super cute pendant necklace! Even though they’ve posted a picture of the necklace on their FB page, I’m going to wait to show you until after I’ve earned it 🙂 but the design of the short sleeved shirt is on the right!

For packet pickup, they offer the option of Friday, Saturday (different location each day) as well as race day.  Since I don’t want to have to drive an extra 60 miles round trip, I’ll be getting to the event extra early to pick up my stuff (shirt, bib, chip and transition bracelet).


During the week after the half marathon, I gave myself a rest since I pushed myself hard to get my 2:33 time.   Even though I wanted to ‘hit the ground running’ and pick up where I left off with my ambitious half training, I found myself extremely tired nearly this entire month.  From half marathon recovery (with deep tissue massage) to thesis work, actual ‘work’ work, and applying for a fellowship (so I have a ‘job’ after I graduate), I had a hard time keeping even a 3 day/week exercise schedule.  I did walk my dog alot and still stretched every day, but we shall see how I actually do during my ‘du’.

Du Training Calendar 2013

P.S. I did bike/runs during August and July (see Disneyland Half Training), but those were more like small prep for September when I added them together 🙂

duathlontrain_2013My longest training session was a couple weeks ago and if you look to the left you will see the distances/times for that day. The duathlon course is 1.5mi run, 12mi bike, 2.5 mi run, but my favorite running loop is exactly 2 miles, so I just made it easy on my brain to do 2 miles each run. Note: this past Sunday I tapered since I was tired, so I walked most of the ‘run’ portions and biked a shorter distance.

As for estimated completion time, its hard to say.  My long bike ride route is circuitous with lots of sharp turns, considerable dirt/sand trail, and some light hills so I’m guessing my actual biking time could vary the most. On that non-linear route I average 11-12mph, but on straight aways if I push myself a bit I can get 13-14mph.

So assuming not much changes (except having a more efficient bike route), I’ll end up with a finishing time around 1:45.  Realistically, I think the best I can do is 1:35, if I really push my cruiser and myself on the runs. I guess we will just have to wait and see on Sunday!

Anyone else racing this weekend? Let me know!


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