Purple Princess 10k Virtual Race

Sunday marked a first for participating in a virtual race!  The Purple Princess Run: Proceeds benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund. 


Remember how I blogged about Full Medal Runs (a virtual race program where proceeds go to a specific charity) a couple weeks ago?  Well, this run was for one of their races!

When I wrote that original post, I was considering signing up for a lower mileage race to do between my duathlon and upcoming half. After I posted it, Nichell from Full Medal Runs contacted me about doing a blog spotlight on their virtual run program (2 for 1 deal)!

It was really easy to add the race ‘items’ to their cart and purchase at checkout. Within 24 hrs Nichell emailed me with info about how to participate (post a picture of the run and distance/time on their FB page ). They make cute virtual personalized bibs to boot (see image on right)!

For this race, I decided to don a pink/purply outfit with a sparkly silver headband in lieu of a tiara. Fun fun! So while you might think running 6 miles would be straightforward, it took me a week to get this officially completed. Let me tell you what happened last week…


Last Sunday I was all ready to do a 10k, so I turned on MapMyRun to track mileage and started my run.  Turned out the ~1mi mark was really cool since my town had a local car show going on! I ran through but briefly stopped to take some pics. Then I continued around a route that I knew was at least 5 miles, but I wasn’t sure how much farther I’d have to run once I reached the end of my circuit.

Got to the circuit end, checked my mileage and found my app had PAUSED ON ITS OWN when I took a photo at mile 1.  I LOST THE ENTIRE RUN, had no idea how far I’d ran other than about 5 miles.  I ran for an extra 10 min, not wanting to go way over 6 miles, but when I got home and tracked the route on the computer, I had only gone about 5.7miles. BUMMER! So I decided I would just wait till next week and make sure NOT to take any picts during my runs.  In all the time I’ve had the app I’ve never had problems like that (auto pause has always been off), but apparently it has happened to my mom quite a few times. And no, I don’t take picts with MapMyRun, its with my regular camera portion of my iphone.

Attempt #2

Did my run this past Sunday (no MapMyRun problems) and consistently ran/walked below 11:30 min/mi! Guess that duathlon training with full running (no walk breaks) did a bit for my speed! Plus I’ve modified my run/walk to run 7min, walk 1min (instead of run 5min then walk 1min). I’d like to at least maintain my previous half pace, if not beat the 2:30 time goal for the next one in Nov.

If you are interested in their races, you can check out their website: Full Medal Runs.com and like their FB page! Also, they have a new private running group for you to post your official race time/distance after completion (see their public FB page for more info).

My next virtual race will be in Nov, when I do a Turkey Trot 10k on Turkey Day!!

Ever have problems with fitness apps?


9 thoughts on “Purple Princess 10k Virtual Race

  1. Super cute, Nicole!! I have that same C9 skirt! 😉 And btw.. Target has TONS of summery workout gear right now on clearance; lots of shorts/skirts/tanks!

    Very discouraging about the MapMyRun! I like Runkeeper, and thankfully only have had a couple issues (like it got screwed up this weekend on my half; but I think since I went into Canada..); and one time it told me I ran at an 8:00 pace for a few miles – did not happen. Gotta love technology! 😉

    • Funny I actually was planning on going to Target tomorrow to pick up a last minute item for my costume, guess I’ll be checking out their sale items too!

      Not sure why MapMyRun suddenly has this issue, I’ve taken pics on runs before and haven’t had a problem. Maybe a glitch with a recent update? To be safe, Im going to check it after I take photos just in case! And Yes I could see going to another country might make it work a bit weird!

  2. I have been having problems with MMR too – I get it that sometimes it will lose GPS signal ( I do go to remote places a lot ) but I get so annoyed when it pauses on days that I care about my time!
    I have checked out this virtual group. Right now I am doing virtual races through Virtual Nerd Runs to support LLS – mainly because I can not resist the movie themed medals they give out.
    I think I will have to check out Target this weekend -I never catch the good sales and I need new T’s.

    • Yep target had lots of items on sale! Got a white reflective hat for $7!! My MMR also has issues with low signal and will create strange paths sometimes, but for the most part I’ve been happy except for last week!

  3. I may need to download Map My Run. My GPS watch has been acting very finicky and won’t upload any of my runs to my computer. I ran my first marathon on Sunday and while I got all the splits from the course, I’d still like to have the workout uploaded from my watch 😦 (I think I really just wanna see how many calories it thinks I burned) 🙂

    • Oh no about your watch! My mom has a step counter that has also been finicky and will ‘forget’ her steps while she is trying to dl them to the computer. She also uses MapMyRun as a backup, its only $1 or $2 for the app, but it is SO useful to track all sorts of activities on their website!
      Congrats on your first marathon, thats amazing! I’m still working up to doing my first full someday!!!!

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