Big Sur Half Marathon Expo 2013

Hard to believe I’ll be doing my second half marathon on Sunday! Where has the time gone? Read on to find out about the bib printing mix-up, my *last* Monterey dog walk on the beach and a thesis update!!

BSHMEBib Pickup

For the Big Sur Marathon event (where I did the 9 miler), they had a QR code to scan with your phone to get your bib number. This time you could look it up online ahead of time, so I did about a week ago and took a screen shot from my phone. Once at the convention center, I headed to my bib line, showed her my info and ‘my’ number (from look-up) had someone else’s name on it! Albeit, it said female and my age, but on the back it had my name on the digital chip sticker. I then looked on the bib number sheet and my ‘actual’ number is one lower…but the lady told me to go to Services anyway.

Turned out the bib printing company messed up! So BSIM had to readjust the entire bib number system (likely after I had checked my bib number online).  Fortunately this whole thing happened in less than 5 minutes (no wait lines), so it really wasn’t a big deal, I was just very surprised! So even though my new number has my name on it, I have some dude’s name and age on the sticker tracking device on the back of my bib.  It would be interesting if I ran into either person at the race…kind of a funny mixup and I’ve learned more about fellow participants! Oh and Services said my tracking info should be fine since its the bib number that matters (but if the dude runs faster than me and I get his time…I won’t complain!)

Shirt Pickup & Expo

BSHMESShirt pickup went smoothly and I’m super excited about the turquoise color!! Last year’s was maroon and had a weird design on the front (was curious and looked online), but this shirt looks more like the one from my 9 miler with a front pocket logo and larger design on the back (way better than 2012). And as Gina commented from my instagram pic, “What an awesome shirt! I love ones that you’re not ashamed to wear out in public.” Totally! Cute and functional since its an Asics performance tee. Now I have 2!! Yay for good shirts!

This expo doesn’t have lots of freebies, so I just used the $20 I found on a dog walk last week (how awesome is that?!?!) to get an add-on to my fuel belt.  I run with my phone, inhaler, sunscreen stick and gels, so it doesn’t all quite…But the cute Nathan add-on works perfectly! I’ll probably have it toward the back and just carry my rescue inhaler and sunscreen in it (things I won’t need every few miles).

Beach Dog Walk

I will dearly, dearly miss the Monterey Bay (Monterey to Santa Cruz) since this coast has numerous dog friendly beaches.  I took advantage of the trip down to Monterey and brought Chloe (really just in and out of expo) to walk around after.  We sniffed lots of kelp, other dogs and chased sea gulls (ok maybe I didn’t do all of those things) and enjoyed the beautiful sky blue, sunny day! I used to go to yoga classes down here every week and we used to walk this beach beforehand, so it will always remain a special place in our hearts.


Thesis News

Drum roll please… I am officially done with data analysis!!! What does that mean? I have to work my BUTT OFF to finish writing my thesis (I have Intro, & most of Methods, still need Results & Discussion) by the end of next week so my committee has time to revise it. I plan to defend (means 45 min presentation to committee, students & faculty, then drilled with questions by committee after) Dec 9th and turn in my thesis by Dec 13th! I know this blog is “Masters” 2 Marathons and I really only blog about my running/atheltic life, but getting to this point has been a struggle in many ways and in ways that I don’t think I can really put on a public blog….as much as I would like to vent about certain aspects/challenges I’ve faced. Maybe in 10 years when it doesn’t really matter anymore.

So, this and my race recap will be probably the last posts I write before I finish in December. I’ll be moving after (ordeal) and then going skiing after Christmas (more on that later), but I’ll be back I promise since I have LOTS of fun things planned for January 🙂

Thank you friends, family and bloggers for all of your support!!!


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