Turkey Trot 10k (Virtual)

On Thanksgiving morning I did my second virtual race!  The Turkey Trot: Proceeds benefit Feeding America. 


Remember how I blogged about Full Medal Runs (a virtual race program where proceeds go to a specific charity) a few months ago?  Well, this was my second virtual run!

While this 10k was after my Big Sur Half, it was nice to have another run scheduled since it forced me to take some time away from thesis work to workout (and burn some calories before Thanksgiving dinner!).

For this race, I decided to run the same path as my Purple Princess Run 10k.  It was a very nice morning and I did see some of the wild turkeys wandering the local graveyard.  I thought it was all too fitting…the wild turkeys were grieving for their domestic/commercialized turkey cousins. Or at least that’s what I decided to think 🙂

As for Thanksgiving, I did not have time to drive 350 mi back home so I had Thanksgiving at one of my former lab mates’ house.  Since it was over an hour drive, my friend said I could bring Chloe if I wanted, which I did, but kept her in the car most of the time.  Turned out that one of my lab mate’s friends that attended dinner also brought their dog who was diagnosed with cancer just a couple weeks prior and had an amputation!  Thanksgiving turned into a tripawd parade… we each brought our dogs inside (separately since her dog still had staples) and it was a  funny coincidence that the two people who brought dogs, had dogs with only three legs!

IMG_5611Again, another really really late recap on my Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving holiday celebration, but that’s the way things go when you are in grad school on a deadline!

P.S. This is the card I made for my lab mate as a thank you for all of her support thorugh the thesis process and for welcoming me with open arms to her Thanksgiving celebration.

If you are interested in their races, you can check out their website: Full Medal Runs.com and like their FB page! Also, they have a new private running group for you to post your official race time/distance after completion (see their public FB page for more info).

How was your Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “Turkey Trot 10k (Virtual)

  1. I love virtual races! They make be get out there and run even when I don’t want to. I go through Nerd Runs. Their themes are all movie themed which sucked me right in!

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