Tinker Bell Half Marathon EXPO 2014

New year, new race experiences! This weekend was jam packed with lots of events starting with the EXPO Thursday afternoon. Part 1 of 4 of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend 2014!


Thoughts before EXPO

Let’s just say, going into this Disney EXPO after the Dumbo Debacle from the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend (where they clearly were not prepared for the extra race participants for the new events they added), I was skeptical that anything would be different.  My mom and I planned to get there early, potentially wait in long disorganized lines in the hot Anaheim sun, and walk out with our actual bibs in 1.5 hours (not including the time spent at the EXPO).  I went in expecting the worst, and yet still hoping for the best.

Bib Pickup

Fortunately, there was only a 5min wait line to get into the lower bib pickup area (controlled release of people). My mom and I divided and conquered: she got in the 5k line since it was longer, while I walked up to the 10k bib pickup line.  I was back to her line within a minute.  When we got up to the front to pick up our 5k bibs, we overheard a conversation about the volunteer handing out bibs with one of the EXPO overseers in the next booth over:

Lady (turned to us and said): “The guy gave my bib to someone else.” (uh-oh)
Overseer comes back to the booth with the volunteer to sort bib situation.
Bib volunteer (to overseer looking in bib box): “The guy took the wrong bib.”
Overseer (to volunteer): “You mean you gave him the wrong bib.”
Bib volunteer: “The guy took the wrong bib number.”
Overseer: “You mean you gave him the wrong bib number.”
Bib volunteer: “Yes I gave him the wrong bib.”

The overseer talked about giving her a new number, but we picked up our 5k bibs before the situation got fully resolved. Hope it worked out! At least the 5k isn’t timed, it would just be more tricky to get photos.

EXPO/Shirt Pickup

IMG_4439Knowing from the Disneyland Half that the 5k would have unisex shirts, my mom and I got YXL (good call) for the 5k.  The 10k and the half for the Tinker Bell race now have women’s sizes, so a WS was perfect!  After the quick shirt pickup, we did a couple turns around the EXPO. We ended up getting a new, thin, fuel belt to fit the new iPhone 5s we got for xmas.

Yes, Disney did seem to have their EXPO better managed this time even with new event, so thank you! The Disney merchandise lines were still long (not that I even bothered), but at least going to/from the EXPO was so much LESS stressful!

Check back in a couple days for the Neverland 5k Race Recap!


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