Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend 2014: Neverland 5k Recap


After my Disneyland Half marathon, I convinced my mom to walk the Neverland 5k with me in January….and I convinced her to do it in costume! Check out our cute Tweedle ensembles before the recap!

IMG_4403My mom and I were trying to brainstorm costume pairs and after browsing fellow blogs, I read that a couple friends or mom/daughter pairs had chosen to do the Tweedles from Alice in Wonderland.  She seemed a bit confused at first, but after showing her some pics of how other bloggers approached it (making it cute!), she also got excited about the idea!

For a couple months before the race, she and I worked to put the outfit together. My duties: yellow shirts from Walmart, athletic leggings from B-Skinz (Red Thunder), sparkly fabric from Goodwill, and black socks from ProCompression (during winter sale). My mom did all the fancy work: turned the sparkly fabric into skirts (got a pattern of a fellow blogger’s site), bought fabric to make the bowties and collars, embroider the collars with Tweedle Dee and Dum (and Tweedle Mum for my grandma!), get red hats and baste stitch pipe cleaners with foam flags on top!

If I have time, I’ll make a post about the outfits!

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 7.40.34 PM

Pre Race

We ended up parking in the parking structure, but it seemed like people could have parked in downtown disney (cheaper).  If we ever do it again, it would be worth driving by and seeing if it is open instead.

The Neverland 5k actually starts inside the park (you go through the turn-styles and everything), so you get to hang out in the square until the start of the race (and use real restrooms). We got to watch some fireworks go off behind the Cinderella castle and a performer dressed as Tinker Bell flying across a high wire over the castle to start the race!

Neverland 5k


The course wandered around the back lot of various areas of Disneyland for a good portion of the race, but it was nice having employees cheer us on as we walked by.  Since we were very recognizable, we did get lots of people saying “go tweedles” or “great costumes!”

There were more back lot ‘set ups’ for photo-ops and only a few character stops in the parks for photos (not as many as for the 10k or the half). We only took a picture with some pirates since it was a walk up and only took a short time to accomplish.

We were close to finishing the race in CA Adventureland, when we got a request to take a pic with a girl who was dressed as the queen of hearts! It turned out to be a good photo-op! Better than trying to pose with Disney cast, I totally recommend finding a fellow race participant 🙂

IMG_4421We finished the race in about 48min and while we were crossing the finish, the emcee said “and we have another pair of tweedles!”. Ha! I guess it is a more popular pair than I had thought!  Just like at my last Disney race, we got a box of food: luna protein bar, bag of chips, Welch’s gummies, honey roasted soy nuts, a bite of almond roca and a tube of hummus.

Post Race

We enjoyed a post race breakfast at Mimi’s cafe close to Disneyland. Other 5k participants also had the same idea since we saw the dark blue 5k shirts and others still in costume. Overall it was a great race experience!

Check back in a few days for the Tinker Bell 10k recap!


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