Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend: Tinker Bell 10k Recap

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Last Friday I did the Neverland 5k with my mom as Tweedle Dee and the following day, I chose to be another character from Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat!

IMG_4427Even though the Cheshire cat is pink and purple, I had SUCH A HARD TIME finding pink/purple striped stuff! And when looking at the Disney Cheshire cat ears/tail merchandise, the colors looked more hot pink/light pink than pink/purple, so I decided to just use my own clothing to make my costume  pink/white. P.S. The socks I got were some sort of loose acrylic blend, so I had to wear my marathon ProCompression socks underneath to prevent blisters.

Pre Race

From the parking lot to the corrals, runners literally had to walk a mile to get there.  This race only had ~4000-6000 (?) runners, so there were only 4 corrals.  I was in the last corral D, but I managed to work my way up closer to the start of corral by walking along the curb 🙂 When the corral finally approached the start line, the emcee made a joke that the race would be more like a 7+miler from all the pre race walking. At least it was a good warm up since I didn’t get there with lots of extra time to kill before the race.


The Race

The path of this race was nearly the backwards version of the 5k + extra mileage into Anaheim.  They did change the large displays in the backlot, so it wasn’t a repeat of the same things from the day before (for anyone doing both races). It was really nice having lots of the backlot employees again cheer us all on, some even wore a silly hat or mickey mouse gloves to give out high fives.

IMG_4428Photo ops: There were some character photo-ops like a dead bride and ballerina in front of the Haunted Mansion, Chip & Dale, Mary Poppins and Bert in front of the carousel, Buzz Lightyear and space cadets in tomorrow land, Monsters Inc University characters, cars characters and thats all I can remember! Since I was in a last corral the lines were super long, so I only took a picture with a space cadet since it was a walk up.  Once we left Disneyland and headed to CA Adventure, I was better able to spot photographers to do cute poses 🙂

My mom drove me to the race and she surprised me when I saw her at the transition from Disneyland to CA Adventure! She took a quick video as I ran by.  Its definitely nice having someone to cheer you on during the race, I’m used to going alone, so I really did appreciate her support and patience. Thanks mom! She got in about 5 mi worth of walking to get to the start (drop me off), head to the transition, back to the finish and finally back to the parking lot. I’m sure by the end of the race I did ~ 8mi.

At mi 5.2 I texted my mom to let her know I was a mile out and she told me she was waiting at the 100 dash sign along the finish.  Even though I took a few walk and photo breaks, I knew I was approaching my previous 10k time (Susan Komen) of 1:12:(and change). Originally I wasn’t going for a PR since I’ve done more walking, skiing and biking than running over the past month. However, because I was so close I decided to run just a tad faster.   After high fiving my mom as I ran by her, the emcee actually called my name as I crossed the finish. And yep, I PR’d by about 1.5 min 1:11:00!

Post Race

After I finished and got my medal, I started to chill quickly since my sweat was evaporating rapidly. I grabbed a mylar blanket, food, water and used my blanket as a place to stretch.  We walked to the Disneyland hotel coffee shop to grab some coffee and breakfast. It was nice to sit and enjoy real food (since Disney just does snack boxes, the same as the day before). Overall I had a great time! And if you can believe it, after I got home I went on a 19mi bike ride along the beach with one of my friends. I did want to tire myself out, so I could go to bed by 7am and wake up by 1:15am for the volunteer shift.  Lets just say my calves and quads were going to be very sore the next day…


Check back in a couple days for the recap of volunteering for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon!



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